Did you know that currently in California, lease restrictions are blocking tenants – both individuals and businesses – from installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations?

Fortunately, there is legislation in the works to stop this from happening – AB2565 – and you can help support it. Please fill out the form below to add your digital signature.

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Dear State Legislator –

I am writing in support of AB 2565 authored by Assembly Muratsuchi. This legislation will protect the rights of individuals and businesses to install self-financed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Currently, lease restrictions are able to delay, add financial burdens and even stop small businesses and apartment tenants from installing EV charging at their home or business.

There are both financial and environmental benefits to driving an EV. Californians can save thousands every year and EVs will help our state’s clean air and energy independence goals.

This legislation will support residents who want to purchase EVs. Over 40% of California residents reside in multi-family housing, and without the ability to charge at home, it is unlikely they will purchase an EV. In addition, small businesses should have the option to offer EV charging as it can attract and retain employees and customers while achieving their sustainability goals.

California is the largest market for EVs in the United States with over one third of nationalsales. Policies such as the governor’s 1.5 million Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) goal by 2025 and the AB 118 Alternative Fuel and Vehicle Technology Programhave contributed to the most aggressive EV adoption in the country. With an EV, drivers can reduce CO2 emissions by 45.5 tons. EVs are crucial in protecting the environment and ensuring clean air but to reach these goals, we need toensure there is a robust charging network. This legislation is crucial to supporting this burgeoning industry and continuing our state’s leadership.

AB 2565 will ensure that Californians can charge their cars at home, at work and in the public. If a tenant – individual or business owner wants to pay to provide EV charging for their family, employees, customers or the public, it’s important they have that right. By passing this legislation, we will foster the EV industry and help meet our state’s environmental and clean air goals. 

I therefore, respectfully request your Aye vote on AB 2565.

Thank you for considering my views.