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March 2015

3/10 Green Car Reports
Top 10 Cities for Electric Cars: San Francisco Leads, But It’s Not All California
3/9 Charged EVs
ChargePoint has a staggeringly high attach rate with new plug-in vehicle buyers, and it’s accelerating
3/8 The Journal News
Lohud: Want electric car charging stations? Easy, just ask
3/6 Green Fleet
ChargePoint Rates EV-Friendly Zones
3/5 Pacific Business News
Honolulu No. 5 most electric vehicle-friendly city in the nation, ChargePoint says
3/4 Clean Technica
Top 10 Cities For Electric Vehicles In The US Shown In New Infographic
3/3 Pure Green Cars
ChargePoint Announces Top 10 Cities for EVs in the US
3/3 Autoblog Green
Recharge Wrap-up: ChargePoint names 10 best cities for EVs
3/3 Portland Business Journal
How Portland compares to Detroit for electric vehicles
3/3 Edmunds
West Coast is Heaven to EV Drivers, New Survey Says
3/3 Green Car Congress
ChargePoint ranks US metro areas for EV friendliness; SF Bay Area still on top
3/3 Vehicle Service Pros
ChargePoint ranks the top 10 U.S. cities for electric vehicles
3/3 NGT News
The Top 10 Regions for EVs, According to ChargePoint
3/3 Domestic Fuel
San Fran No. 1 Electric Vehicle City
3/2 Austin: KLBJ Radio
Austin among the nation’s top 10 cities for electric vehicles
3/2 Denver Business Journal
Denver one of top 10 U.S. cities for electric vehicles
3/2 Fleets and Fuels
EVs? It’s Not Only California
3/2 Breaking Energy
Surprising Newcomers on List of Electric Vehicle-Friendly US Cities
3/2 Renewable Energy News
ChargePoint Announces the Nation’s Top 10 Cities for Electric Vehicles
3/2 EV World
USA’s Top 10 EV Cities for 2014
3/2 AutoTrader
Best Cities for Electric Vehicles: New List Breaks Down the Top 10
3/2 Electric Cars Report
ChargePoint Announces the Nation’s Top 10 Cities for Electric Vehicles
3/2 EV News Report
ChargePoint Announces the Nation’s Top 10 Cities for Electric Vehicles
3/2 Environment Guru
ChargePoint Announces the Nation’s Top 10 Cities for Electric Vehicles

February 2015

2/26 Charged EVs Magazine
How will ChargePoint Home integrated with Nest? More details revealed
2/19 New York Times
Utilities Push Into Fuel Stations for Electric Cars
2/18 Buzzfeed
5 Myths about Electric Vehicles Debunked
2/18 Lee’s Summit Journal
Electric car charging station coming to Lee’s Summit
2/16 The Dartmouth
Town adds electric car charging stations
2/16 PennEnergy
KCP&L, regulators discuss electric vehicle charging build out
2/13 Future Cars
ChargePoint Says PG&E 25,000 station Charging Network Will Be a Monopoly
2/12 Utility Dive
Inside the PG&E proposal to build 25,000 EV charging stations
2/12 Ecomento
PG&E plans 25,000 new EV charging stations
2/12 Ecomento
5 electric car charging hot spots in America’s heartland
2/10 WIRED
The Big Problem With the Latest Plan to Build EV Chargers in California
2/10 Greentech Media
PG&E Seeks $654 Million to Build 25,000 EV Charging Stations
2/10 Associated Press
California utility eyes electric car charging stations
2/10 ABC 7
PG&E's EV Charging Stations Plan
2/10 Take Part
The Big Plan That Could Bring an Electric Car to Your Garage
2/10 LA Times
PG&E, Volkswagen plugging into electric vehicle infrastructure
2/9 San Jose Mercury News
PG&E floats $654 million plan to increase electricity bills to finance electric vehicle charging stations
2/9 San Francisco Chronicle
PG&E wants ratepayers to foot bill for 25,000 car chargers
2/4 EV News Report
Two-Vehicle Charging Station Installed at Half Moon Bay
2/4 Clean Technica
Kansas City Utility Connects the Dots
2/2 EV Fleet World
KCP&L to install over 1,000 charging stations in Greater Kansas City region
2/2 Consumer Electronics Daily
ChargePoint Brings Advanced Home Charging Station for Electric Vehicles to Market
2/2 Boston Globe
Auto Notes
2/2 Automotive International
BMW, VW ChargePoint to cooperate on US EV charging network
2/2 Inside EVs
ChargePoint To Offer Residential Charging Starting Summer 2015
2/2 EV Obsession
1,000 EV Charging Stations Coming To Kansas City
2/2 Automotive IT
BMW, VW, Chargepoint to cooperate on US EV charging network
2/1 E&E Publishing
Calif. Utility sparks debate, proposing to install 25,000 charging stations to promote electric vehicles
2/1 Union Leader
Hanover Installs EV Charging Stations
2/1 Kansas City Star
Future of electric cars bodes well for the Kansas City area

January 2015

1/30 Clapway
ChargePoint Looks To Supercharge America’s Highways
1/29 Chicago Tribune
Smart Home Meets DIY
1/29 Maryville Daily Forum
KCP&L plans local car-charging station
1/28 KCTV 5
Kansas City area to get 1,001 electric car chargers
1/28 Transmission and Distribution World
Kansas City Power & Light to Install 1000 Electric Vehicle Chargers
1/28 Headlines and Global News
Clean Charge Network Planned for Kanas City, Will Include Over 1,000 Electric Car Charging Stations
1/28 PC Magazine
Kansas City Prepping Huge Electric Car Charging Network
1/28 EnergyWire
In Kansas City, utility bets big on EV charging network
1/28 Green Car Reports
Kansas City Power & Light To Build 1,000 Electric-Car Charging Sites
1/28 Hybrid Cars
Kansas City Utility Company To Install 1,000 Charging Stations
1/28 Utility Dive
KCP&L plans largest U.S. electric vehicle charging network
1/28 Green Energy News
Nation's Largest EV Charging Station Installation by an Electric Utility: Kansas City, Missouri
1/28 Kansas City Business Journal
How KCP&L's Clean Charge Network will work
1/28 BMW Blog
Kansas City to get over 1000 electric vehicle charging stations
1/28 The Auto Future
BMW and VW Join Forces to Expand Electric Car Charging Network
1/27 Associated Press
KCP&L to install 1,001 electric car chargers in Kansas City metro area in $20 million system
1/27 GT Spirit
BMW Joins with VW to Build Fast-Charging Stations in the US
1/27 Sedalia Democrat
Area to get electric car jolt
1/27 Inside EVs
Kansas City Power & Light, Nissan & ChargePoint To Install 1,000 Charging Stations, Including CHAdeMO/CCS DC Fast Chargers
1/27 NGT News
KCP&L Building Massive EV Charging Network
1/27 Ecomento
KCP&L to install 1,000 electric car charging stations
1/27 Greentech Lead
KCP&L to install over 1,000 EV charging stations in U.S.
1/26 Just Means Blog
High Speed Chargers Bring EV’s One Step Closer to Mainstream
1/26 St. Joseph News Press
KCP&L launches local car charging stations
1/26 EV News Report
KCP&L Becomes Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Leader
1/26 Kansas City Star
KCP&L plans to install 1,000 more chargers for electric cars
1/26 Kansas City Business Journal
KCP&L unveils environmental sustainability project
1/26 KCUR
KCPL Plans City-Wide Electric Vehicle Charging Network
1/26 St. Joseph News Press
KCP&L launches local car charging stations
1/24 Motor Trend
Volkswagen, BMW, ChargePoint to Add More EV Stations Along Coasts
1/23 Engadget
BMW and Volkswagen create 100 fast-charge stations for EVs
1/23 Yahoo Finance
BMW And Volkswagen Team Up With ChargePoint To Expand Electric Car Fast-Charging Sites
1/23 Charged EVs
BMW and Volkswagen partner with ChargePoint to create fast charging corridors on East and West Coasts
1/23 Ubergizmo
Fast Charge Stations For EVs From BMW & Volkswagen
1/23 MSN Video
BMW, VW, And ChargePoint To Build 100 CCS Fast-Charging Sites For Electric Cars
1/23 Green Car Reports
Electric-Car Fast-Charging Networks: Competition Heats Up
1/23 Tech Investor News
Greentech media: BMW, VW Partner With ChargePoint to Build 100 DC Fast Chargers
1/23 Motor Authority
BMW And Volkswagen Team Up With ChargePoint To Expand Electric Car Fast-Charging Sites
1/23 Auto Week
BMW, Volkswagen and ChargePoint edge out Tesla with EV charging network
1/23 Geeky Gadgets
BMW, VW And ChargePoint To Launch 100 DC Chargers In The U.S.
1/23 Silicon Republic
Boost for electric car owners in US – 100 fast-charge points on way
1/23 Technology Cloud
ChargePoint, BMW, And VW To Build East And West Coast EV Charging Network
1/23 Insider Monkey
Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): BMW, Volkswagen Double Down On Fast Charging Network
1/23 Full-Time Whistle
BMW and Volkswagen to jointly setup EV Fast Charging Network
1/23 The Westside Story
BMW and Volkswagen to work with ChargePoint to build 100 fast-charging ports across North America
1/23 West Texas News
BMW and VW plan EV Fast Charging Network with ChargePoint
1/23 Hollywood Reporter
BMW, Volkswagen Partner on Fast Charging Stations
1/23 Automotive Fleet
BMW, VW Partner with ChargePoint for High-Speed EV Charging
1/23 Domain B
BMW, Volkswagen to expand charging station network
1/23 Gas2
BMW, Volkswagen, And ChargePoint Announce Their Own EV Network
1/23 Bidness ETC
Tesla Motors Inc Charging Stations Could Be Trumped By BMW-Volkswagen Tie-Up
1/23 Kelly Blue Book
BMW, VW team on EV quick-charge network
1/23 International Business Times
BMW And Volkswagen’s Electric Car Corridors
1/23 Greentech Media
BMW, VW Partner With ChargePoint to Build 100 DC Fast Chargers
1/23 Truth About Cars
BMW, Volkswagen Team With ChargePoint For Bi-Coastal Network
1/23 The Auto Channel
BMW, Volkswagen and ChargePoint Announce Initiative to Create Electric Vehicle Express Charging Corridors on the East and West Coasts
1/23 AutoEvolution
BMW, VW and ChargePoint to Bring 100 Fast DC Chargers to the East and West Coasts
1/23 EV Fleet World
BMW and Volkswagen back US rapid charge corridors
1/23 Tech Times
BMW, Volkswagen Partner to Build More Electric Car Fast Charging Stations
1/23 Design and Trend
BMW, Volkswagen To Work With ChargePoint In Building EV Fast-Charging Stations
BMW, Volkswagen planning to open 100 EV charging stations in U.S.
1/23 Electric Vehicle News
BMW, VW & ChargePoint to built DC Fast Charging Network in US
1/22 Wired
BMW and VW Team Up to Make EV Charger Networks Anyone Can Use
1/22 Wall Street Journal
German Electric Car Makers to Install U.S. Fast-Charger Networks
1/22 New York Times
BMW and Volkswagen Team Up to Expand Network of High-Speed Charging Stations
1/22 LA Times
BMW and VW team to build electric vehicle charging network
1/22 Fast Company
BMW, Volkswagen Aim To Make It Easier To Charge Your Electric Car On Roadtrips
1/22 Forbes
Striking Back Against Tesla, BMW And Volkswagen Team Up To Build 100 Fast Charging EV Stations
1/22 Reuters
BMW, Volkswagen join with ChargePoint to build EV fast-charging stations
1/22 CBS News
BMW, Volkswagen team up to build electric car charging stations
1/22 Tech Crunch
ChargePoint, BMW, And VW To Build East And West Coast EV Charging Network
1/22 San Jose Mercury News
BMW and VW team to build electric vehicle charging network
1/22 Re/Code
Charge-‘Er-Up! BMW and Volkswagen To Create Recharging Stations for Electric Cars in U.S.
1/22 CNET
BMW, VW and Chargepoint creating 'express charging corridors' in US
1/22 SF Gate
High-speed electric car chargers to link San Diego, SF, Portland
1/22 PC Magazine
BMW, Volkswagen Partner on Electric Car Charging Stations
1/22 Road and Track
VW and BMW team with ChargePoint on new EV corridors
1/22 Car and Driver
VW and BMW team with ChargePoint on new EV corridors
1/22 Green Car Reports
BMW, VW, And ChargePoint To Build 100 CCS Fast-Charging Sites For Electric Cars
1/22 Christian Science Monitor
BMW, VW team up with ChargePoint to build 100 CCS fast-charging sites for electric cars
1/22 Automotive IT News
For Electric Car Buyers, ChargePoint Launches a Home Unit and a Mobile App
1/22 Automobile Magazine
BMW and Volkswagen Partner with ChargePoint to Create Charging Network
1/22 The Verge
BMW and Volkswagen are challenging Tesla with a network of fast chargers for electric vehicles
1/22 Auto Blog
BMW, VW partner with ChargePoint for high-speed charging network
1/22 Inside EVs
BMW, Volkswagen, ChargePoint Team Up For CCS Fast Charger Rollout In U.S. – CHAdeMO Gets Boost Too
1/22 Transport Evolved
BMW, VW and Charge Point Announce CCS Fast-Charging Corridors on East, West Coast of U.S.
1/22 Hybrid Cars
VW, BMW, and ChargePoint Announce East and West Coast Charger Networks
1/22 Electric Cars Report
BMW, VW and ChargePoint to Create DC Fast Charging Corridors on the East and West Coasts
1/22 Wards Auto
VW, BMW Join Forces for Bi-Coastal Fast-Charging Network
1/22 Jalopnik
Screw Tesla, BMW And Volkswagen Will Build Their Own EV Charging Network
1/22 EV News
BMW, Volkswagen and ChargePoint Announce Initiative
1/22 Seeking Alpha
BMW And Volkswagen Join Forces To Take On Tesla's Supercharger Network
1/22 BMW Blog
BMW Partners With Volkswagen & ChargePoint for Fast Charge Rollout
1/22 Green Car Congress
VW, BMW and ChargePoint partner to create SAE Combo DC fast charging corridors on the East and West Coasts
1/22 Clean Technica
BMW + Volkswagen + ChargePoint Announce Fast-Charging Network
1/22 Ecomento
BMW, VW & ChargePoint to build EV ‘express charging corridors’ in US
1/22 Pure Green Cars
VW, BMW and ChargePoint to Create Fast Charging Corridors on the East and West Coasts
Partnership Aims to Create EV Charging 'Corridors'
1/22 Digital Trends
Express Charging Corridors coming coast to coast, thanks to BMW, VW, and ChargePoint
1/22 Slash Gear
VW, BMW & ChargePoint to build electric vehicle charging stations
1/22 Value Walk
Volkswagen And BMW Team Up On Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
1/22 Rush Times
BMW, VW Will Collaborate on EV Charging Network
1/22 Auto World News
DC Buzz: BMW and Volkswagen Will Build Fast Chargers for EV Drivers on the East Coast
1/22 News OK
BMW and VW team to build electric vehicle charging network
1/22 Motorcycle USA
Initiative Increases E-Vehicle Charging Stations
1/22 Left Lane
VW, BMW help build 100 EV chargers across both coasts
1/22 Tweak Town
BMW, Volkswagen and ChargePoint will develop faster EV charging units
1/22 E Finance Hub
BMW And Volkswagen Plan to Cooperate in Charging Stations — Implications For Tesla Motors
1/22 Communities Digital News
Volkswagen and BMW partner with ChargePoint to Build Electric Charging Corridors
1/22 Market Business News
VW and BMW partnering up to build electric vehicle charging stations
1/22 Headlines & Global News
Electric Cars: BMW, Volkswagen And ChargePoint to Build EV Fast-Charging Stations Along U.S. Coasta
1/22 Green Living Guy
1/22 Uncover Michigan
BMW and Volkswagen to jointly setup EV Fast Charging Network
1/21 The Chicago Tribune
North Central College supports electric-vehicle usage with Workplace Charging Challenge
1/15 Ecomento
ChargePoint Home residential charging station announced
1/15 VanCity Buzz
Vancouver Recharges with ChargePoint
1/15 Wicked Local Plymouth
Six more free electric vehicle charging stations coming to Plymouth
1/13 Concord Patch
New EV Charging Station Opens in Downtown Concord
1/10 Concord Monitor
As number of electric cars climbs in NH, so does number of charging stations
1/10 Motley Fool
Why Google’s Future Growth is in Energy
1/9 3BL Media
Georgia Takes the Lead in US Electric Vehicle Market
1/8 Greentech Media
CES Sells Consumers on the Effortlessly Automated Smart Home
1/8 Transport Evolved
CES 2015: ChargePoint Unveils Smart Charging Station With Smartphone, Nest Connectivity
1/8 Digital Spy
Nest announces 15 new partners in its ‘Works with Nest’ developer program
1/8 The Guardian
How Georgia became the biggest electric vehicle market in the US
1/7 Green Car Reports
California Goal: Cut Petroleum Use for Cars in Half By 2030
1/7 Business 2 Community
“ChargePoint To Bring Electric Vehicle Charging To Mass Market – CES 2015”
1/6 Green Tech Media
ChargePoint Launches Smart Home Charging Station to Make EV Driving ‘Simple’
1/6 Domestic Fuel
ChargePoint Home Debuts in the New Year
1/6 1 Sun 4 All
ChargePoint Home Beautiful EV Charger Coming to Your Garage
1/5 CNET
“ChargePoint Home is a gorgeously compact smart charging station, works with Nest”
1/5 Charged EVs Magazine
ChargePoint unveils home charging station
1/5 Gizmodo
Nest Can Now Talk To Your Lights, Locks, And More
1/5 PC Mag
Nest Labs Cozies Up to New Partners
1/5 Green Car Reports
ChargePoint To Release Home Charging Station For Electric Cars
1/5 Clean Technica
ChargePoint Home Coming to EV Owner Garages
1/5 Gas2
“ChargePoint Home Coming To EV Owner Garages”
1/5 Bidness Etc.
Google Nest Gets 15 Partners To Smartly Connect Our Homes
1/5 Voice Chronicle
Nest Will Partner With 15 Companies To Create Smart Home Devices
1/5 Pocket Lint
Nest announces more third-party support as Works with Nest smarthome land grab continues
1/5 Venture Beat
Smart thermostat company Nest announces 15 new partners, including LG & Whirlpool
1/5 Ubergizmo
Nest Announces Partnership With 15 New Companies
1/5 International Business Times
Google's Nest announces support for lights, locks and other smart home devices
1/5 Techno Buffalo
Nest Now Plays Nicely With Select Appliances and Smart Bulbs
1/5 Tech Week Europe
CES 2015 – Nest Smart Thermostat Can Now Talk To Your Washing Machine And Keep Your Doors Locked
1/5 Trusted Reviews
Nest announces smart home partnerships at CES
1/5 NDTV Gadgets
Google's Nest Announces 15 New Partners Including LG and Philips
1/5 The Inquirer
Google's Nest now talks to Hue lightbulbs and LG smart fridges
1/5 Modern Readers
“Works with Nest” Initiative Now Covers 15 New Companies
1/5 Apps Gone Free
Google's Nest announces new integrations with more 'smart home' devices and services
1/5 Slash Gear
New Works with Nest connections announced at CES 2015
1/5 Highlight Press
Nest Tech Gets Baked Into More Devices as Ongoing Program Expanded
1/5 Web Pro News
CES: Google’s Nest Gets A Bunch Of New Integrations
1/5 HNGN
Nest Thermostat to Start Working with Smart Lock, Sleep System, Appliances
1/5 Inside Nest
What works with Nest at CES
1/5 TechCrunch
Nest Adds 15 More Companies To Its “Works With Nest” Program