Viva Las Vegas! Rampart Casino & Resort Unveils Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

First Resort Worldwide to Feature Networked Infrastructure: EV-Charge America installs Coulomb Technologies' ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations in Valet Parking

LAS VEGAS, June 1, 2009 — EV-Charge America today announced that the Rampart Casino / Resort is the first resort worldwide to install networked charging stations for electric vehicles. ChargePoint™ Networked Charging Stations are sold through EV Charge-America, a Coulomb Technologies' distributer serving Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. The charging station is located at the resort valet parking area and customers are now able to refuel their vehicles unattended while they are in the Casino / Resort for any period of time.

California-based Coulomb Technologies developed the charging stations for municipalities, utilities, green office buildings and parking garages to allow consumers to charge their electric vehicles wherever they live, work and shop. Consumers subscribe to the ChargePoint Network and receive a ChargePoint Smart Card that allows them to charge their car at any charging station worldwide. To locate available charging stations, visit and click "Find Stations".

"Patrons of the resort can already feel like they are big winners before they step into the casino. The installation of this initial charging station is the first of many steps Rampart is taking to reduce emissions and waste. The Rampart Casino and Resort Team, in conjunction with EV-Charge America are demonstrating true environmental responsibility through this innovative initiative," said Bob Rosinski, CEO of EV-Charge America. "They are providing a low-cost, alternative fueling source to resort customers with electric plug-in vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles."

About EV-Charge America

EV-Charge America, headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, offers a complete family of energy related products and services that provide a plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure including Networked EV Charging Stations, new 100 percent pure electric vehicles, conversions of gasoline vehicles to electric plug-in technology, and solar-powered, alternative energy charging systems for off-grid, pollution free energy supply. For more information visit

About Coulomb Technologies, Inc.

Coulomb Technologies, headquartered in Campbell, Calif., offers a family of products and services that provide a plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure, which includes ChargePoint Networked Charging Stations that range in capability from 120V 15A to 240V 80A AC charging to 120kW DC charging. Coulomb applies networking technology to the challenge of charging electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in order to fuel the electric transportation industry. Coulomb's ChargePoint Network addresses the needs of drivers, utilities, governments, and parking space owners. Follow Coulomb on Twitter at