Coulomb Technologies Announces Cloud-Based ChargePoint Network Service Plans for Successfully Managing Electric Vehicle Charging Operations

ChargePoint Service Plans Provide Complete Turn-Key Solutions Tailored for Employers, Commercial Businesses, Public and Private Parking Operators, and Utilities

Campbell, Calif., July 19, 2011 – Coulomb Technologies, the creator of the ChargePoint® Network, the largest online network of electric vehicle charging stations and drivers, today announced a new family of cloud-based solutions for managing electric vehicle (EV) charging operations.  Each service plan provides a turnkey solution that includes granular control of charging stations and their operations, rich data analysis tools for measuring and managing success, flexible billing and payment options, and the effortless deployment and low operational expenses of a cloud-based solution.  The ChargePoint service plans give employers, public and private parking operators, commercial businesses and utilities the control and flexibility they need to provide feature rich charging services.  The ChargePoint service plans will be showcased at the Plug-in 2011 show in the Coulomb Technologies Booth #121, July 18 – 20 in Raleigh, NC. 

“The ChargePoint service plans are groundbreaking for the electric vehicle market, as they provide the missing ingredient needed to obtain a rapid scaling of feature-rich charging infrastructure,” said Pat Romano, president and CEO of Coulomb Technologies.  “We provide simple-to-deploy service plans that enable operators to measure, manage and profitably recoup the cost of the charging station operations, including the cost of electricity, capital and maintenance."

The ChargePoint service plans provide a rapid way for station owners to get their charging station operations deployed.  The new family of cloud-based services includes a plan tailored for each of the following segments:

  • Employers who want to provide a unique, tangible and high-value benefit to employees while also making a significant and measurable contribution to air quality and to the community:  Employers such as Google and SAP can now control station access for their employees, track the success of sustainability initiatives including greenhouse gas and gasoline avoidance, and decide whether and what drivers will be charged without having to be involved in the transaction processing or billing.
  • Businesses that want to attract EV drivers, provide a unique service to their customers, and enhance their reputation as a steward of the environment:  Commercial businesses, including Starwood Resorts and Buffalo Wild Wings can now: attract new customers from the world’s largest network of EV drivers; provide flexible payment options and the ability to make reservations; and can track customer usage patterns as well as energy use, costs and revenues.
  • Utilities that want to offer charging services in a way that is integrated with existing operations giving them the flexibility to manage the grid:  Utilities, including Orlando Utilities Commission and Austin Energy can now manage every aspect of their charging operations and gain visibility into EV driver charging trends.

Included with all the ChargePoint service plans are driver services that are essential to deploying a mass market EV charging service.  These include 24/7 driver support, driver billing options and mobile phone applications that provide drivers with real-time station location and availability, turn-by-turn navigation, and charging status.  The ChargePoint Network boasts the largest and most brand-loyal collection of EV drivers operating in the world today.

About Coulomb Technologies, Inc.

Coulomb Technologies is the leading electric vehicle charging solutions company, providing the ChargePoint Network, the largest global online network connecting electric vehicle drivers to unoccupied charging stations in over 14 countries; and the ChargePoint Network service plans, cloud-based solutions that handle all driver billing and support and give organizations the control and flexibility they need to optimize performance of their electric vehicle charging operations. Coulomb Technologies customers include utilities such as Orlando Utilities Commission and Austin Energy in the US, Nuon in The Netherlands, and ESB in Dublin; municipalities such as City of San Francisco and City of New York in the US, City of Amsterdam in The Netherlands, City of Newcastle in the UK, and City of Bochum in Germany. Open to all charging station manufacturers, Coulomb's ChargePoint Network is currently charging more than 26,000 vehicles per month, dispensing over 115 Megawatt hours (MWh) of energy each month, and doubling the electric transportation fuel dispensed each quarter.

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