ChargePoint Statement: Electric Vehicle Industry Remains Strong

ChargePoint CEO Pat Romano Responds to Recent Financial News from Ecotality

San José, California – Today, ChargePoint CEO Pat Romano joined San José Mayor Chuck Reed to celebrate their five-year partnership and the growing electric vehicle (EV) industry. In 2008, the City of San José became ChargePoint’s first customer and one of the first cities nationwide to install an electric vehicle (EV) charging station. To celebrate this landmark occasion, ChargePoint is providing the city with one of their newest charging stations from the recently announced CT4000 Series.

“California and more specifically, the city of San José led by Mayor Reed, has been a driving force behind electric vehicle adoption in the nation” said Pat Romano, ChargePoint CEO. “As the industry and number of EVs on the road grows, it is increasingly important that cities follow San José’s lead in pushing for EV adoption and installing charging stations.”

San José was one of the first cities nationwide to install EV charging stations and this new station will be the 50th ChargePoint station installed and maintained by the City. There are now over 200 stations in San José and over 2,500 charging locations throughout the Bay Area. To acknowledge the anniversary, ChargePoint surprised the mayor with custom artwork on the station saying, “Thank you City of San José/Celebrating 5 years of partnership.”

“Electric vehicles offer us an opportunity to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, protect the environment and achieve significant savings in fueling costs,” said Mayor Chuck Reed of San José. “Through our partnership with ChargePoint, we have begun to build a robust network of charging stations that will help promote the widespread use of EVs throughout the region. I’d like to thank ChargePoint for their ongoing support of San Jose’s Green Vision and our efforts to make the Bay Area the EV Capital of America.”

The new charging station, the CT 4021, was just installed at the Central Service Yard and will be a public station in a convenient location for city residents and city employees.  Stations from the CT4000 Series are the first charging stations to offer a power sharing feature, allowing a single circuit to power a dual port charging station, which will double the number of charging locations without increasing installation costs. Other advancements based on customer needs include Clean Cord Technology – a self-retracting, maintenance free, ultra lightweight cord management system, which is a standard feature on all CT4000 Series models to make charging an easier and more convenient experience.

There are over 12,000 ChargePoint stations in 14 different countries and over 40,000 EV drivers are ChargePoint members. There are many benefits to driving an EV including saving money on fuel, saving time by riding in the carpool lane and electric vehicles almost eliminate the harmful impacts on the environment. With zero air pollution, ChargePoint drivers have helped combat global warming by saving over 3,000,000 gallons of gas and 46,000,000 lbs. of CO2 emissions.

About ChargePoint

Recognized as the worldwide leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, ChargePoint is the largest online network of independently-owned EV charging stations in the world – operating in more than a dozen countries with more than 12,000 charging locations. Every 15 seconds someone connects their vehicle to a ChargePoint station.

ChargePoint’s best-in-class hardware – as well as hardware from other manufacturers – is connected to ChargePoint's cloud–based software. This innovative platform provides charging station owners with the control and data they need and want to optimize their charging operations, including billing, access control, and remote driver support. Station owners can monitor and track charging station usage and costs, create pricing structures for charging services, and reward driver loyalty.

ChargePoint provides a free mobile application with real-time data that allows drivers to locate and navigate to unoccupied charging stations. Drivers can also track their charging status and usage, as well as their greenhouse gas and fuel savings. Over 60 percent of all publicly-accessible networked EV charging stations are ChargePoint stations or run on the ChargePoint network, and nearly 40 percent of all EV drivers are ChargePoint members. By initiating 2.5 million charging sessions, ChargePoint consumers have saved three million gallons of gasoline and avoided 46 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

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