Plan to Power Up

There’s a smarter way to kick gas. Empower your business, multi-family dwelling, DC fast charging site, fleet, city or town with our cloud-based plans:

  • Control who charges on your stations and when*
  • Set specific pricing for specific drivers and groups*
  • Generate usage reports and gas savings data
  • Get remote station services support
  • Configure station settings and operational controls
  • Display real-time station availability information
  • Manage ROI, energy usage and costs
  • Receive 24/7 remote support for drivers
  • Utilize energy management tools that lower installation and energy costs
  • Offer a premium charging experience with our mobile app and features like Connections, Reservations and Waitlist*
  • Receive automatic software updates that deliver the latest improvements and features

* Available on select plans

Commercial Plan

For organizations such as businesses, municipalities, DC fast charging sites and other properties that want EV charging to attract and satisfy employees, customers and residents.

Use EV charging to enhance your organization—and even generate a new source of revenue. You can set pricing policies for different driver groups and set fees by time of use, duration of charging session, electricity usage (kWh) or any combination thereof. With the Commercial Plan, you have the flexibility to control who uses your stations. For example, you can restrict access to certain groups of drivers, like employees or tenants, or open your stations to the public. We offer Commercial Plans tailored for the CT4000 Level 2 and the CPE100/200/250 and Express Plus DC fast charging stations.

Download the Commercial Plan Overview

Fleet Plan

For government, utility and private fleets that want a dedicated depot charging solution for their electric vehicle fleet.

Easily manage your electric vehicle fleet and Level 2 or Express DC fast charging stations, all in one place. Get real-time information on your charging stations and fleet vehicles—know which vehicles are plugged in, fully charged and ready for service. With the Fleet Plan, you can set access control policies to ensure that only fleet vehicles can use your depot charging stations. We also offer APIs and other tools that enable you to easily integrate with your existing fleet management platform.

Download the Fleet Plan Data Sheet

Service Provider Plan

For utilities, electric vehicle service providers or owners of DC fast charging sites that want to operate their own EV charging services.

Customize your EV charging services to suit your business model, provision and manage stations across multiple properties, build driver membership and brand awareness for your operation.

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