News and Updates

News and Updates

Coulomb Technologies today announced that Posty Cards has installed the first publicly available ChargePoint® networked charging station in the Kansas City Metropolitan area at its headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. Installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations can earn a company LEED building credit and the Posty Cards headquarters facility is seeking to become Platinum LEED Certified, the highest energy and environmental designation available in the United States. Sales and installation of the ChargePoint stations was completed by Lilypad EV via Coulomb’s Midwest/Chicago distributor Carbon Day Automotive.

Coulomb Technologies today announced that 3M has installed its first ChargePoint® networked charging station at its global headquarters in Minnesota. The ChargePoint station is the first of two that 3M will have on its campus to serve employees and their guests. The unit was unveiled today at 3M world headquarters located in the visitor’s parking lot at the center of its campus in Maplewood. The second unit will be installed this spring at the company’s customer innovation center on the northwest side of the property. The ChargePoint charging station was sold and installed by Carbon Day Automotive, Coulomb’s Midwest and Chicago distributor.

Coulomb Technologies today announced that Pasquale ‘Pat’ Romano has joined the company as its President and Chief Executive Officer. Coulomb CEO and co-founder Richard Lowenthal will assume the new position of Chief Technical Officer continuing his focus on furthering the advancement of Coulomb’s technology leadership as well as heading the company’s government and political affairs endeavors.

Coulomb Technologies today announced that Chevrolet will offer Coulomb’s ChargePoint® electric vehicle (EV) charging stations for use at its US Chevrolet dealerships in support of the arrival of the award-winning Volt. SPX Corporation (NYSE: SPW), Chevrolet’s home charging installation partner, will deliver and install hundreds of Level II 240V ChargePoint charging stations to the Chevrolet dealers. Coulomb has already shipped ChargePoint charging stations to hundreds of customers worldwide, including its first Chevrolet dealership in Irvine, Calif. Additionally, Chevrolet has installed Coulomb ChargePoint networked charging stations in front of their corporate headquarters in Detroit for use by employees and guests.

Coulomb Technologies today announced that the first public ChargePoint® Networked Charging Station for electric vehicles (EVs) is now installed in Minnesota. The 120V/240V Level I & II ChargePoint station in the public parking ramp of the First National Bank building 332 N. Minnesota Street, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101 is located on the new Central Corridor light rail line that will connect downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis. The line is scheduled to open in 2014. The owners intend to power the ChargePoint station using 100 percent wind energy, part of Xcel Energy’s WindSource program. The WindSoure program is the largest voluntary green-energy program in the United States according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The ChargePoint station was sold by Coulomb distributor Carbon Day Automotive, and installation of the station was a collaboration between ElectriCharge Mobility / MTI Inc, Weber Electric, Inc. and the FNBB.