News and Updates

News and Updates

Coulomb Technologies and Madison Gas and Electric today announced plans to install 18 additional ChargePoint® Networked Charging Stations for electric vehicles in and around Dane County. The new stations will bring the total number of ChargePoint stations to 24 within the community. The new Level II (240V/30A) charging station allocation and installation is made possible through a Department of Energy grant to MGE and will be available to the community for the duration of the three year public demonstration project. Locations for the charging stations are still being determined but are expected to be located in 10 highly trafficked areas within the community. All charging locations will be free and available to the public. Coulomb Technologies’ Midwest distributor Chicago-based Carbon Day Automotive is partnering with MGE to distribute the stations as part of the project.

Coulomb Technologies, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging station infrastructure, today announced that it has secured $15 million in Series C funding. Coulomb will use the funds to help accelerate product development of the ChargePoint® Network, enhance customer support and drive sales. The ChargePoint Network is used by EV drivers worldwide looking to quickly and safely fuel their electric vehicles. Joining existing investors Rho Ventures, Voyager Capital, Siemens Venture Capital GmbH, and Hartford Ventures, a strategic investment division of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: HIG) are new investors Harbor Pacific Capital and LS Cable Ltd., and LS Industrial Systems Co., Ltd.

Coulomb Technologies today announced the installation of its first ChargePoint® networked electric vehicle charging station in Michigan from its $37 million ChargePoint America program. ChargePoint America will offer hundreds of free stations for public and home charging to individuals and businesses throughout southern Michigan – from Grand Rapids to Ann Arbor to Lansing to Detroit. Coulomb is working with Ford, General Motors and smart USA, all of whom have announced plans to introduce EVs in Southern Michigan in the coming months. The first ChargePoint America station is now installed at NextEnergy headquarters in downtown Detroit. Installation of the ChargePoint station was done by Coulomb distributor Shocking Solutions.

Coulomb Technologies, a leader in electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, today announced that the City of Anaheim (Calif.,) has installed their first ChargePoint® Networked Charging Station for Electric Vehicles (EVs). The charging station is located in the parking structure of the Anaheim West Tower at 201 S. Anaheim Blvd., which is the location of the main office of Anaheim Public Utilities. The city is currently using the Coulomb unit to recharge two city-owned converted plug-in Toyota Prius’. Coulomb’s distributor Clean Fuel Connection was responsible for the sale and will provide maintenance of the charging station. In addition to the City-owned fleet, the ChargePoint station is available for public use.

Coulomb Technologies today announced support for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) decision that companies that sell electric vehicle charging services to the public will not be regulated as “public utilities.” Coulomb Technologies, a maker of networked infrastructure for electric vehicles participated in the proceeding. Coulomb argued that by treating a charging station as competitive access to the grid as opposed to being a regulated utility, the Commission can foster competition in the nascent infrastructure marketplace and help facilitate rapid deployment.