Electric Vehicles Drive a Sustainable Future

Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation is key to slowing climate change and making sure our planet stays a healthy place to live.

Electric vehicles (EVs) fight climate change by powering transportation with electricity, not fossil fuels. Driving an EV can cut fossil fuel emissions in half, or get rid of them entirely when renewable energy sources are used.

EV Charging Advances Sustainability

ChargePoint operates the world’s leading and most open EV charging network, and builds all the technology that supports it. As our network grows, it becomes easier for more people to choose EVs.

This growing global network that's simple to use and manage helps our drivers and customers eliminate tons of harmful GHG emissions. Read on to see why driving electric is good for drivers, the environment and businesses alike.

People Make Sustainable Choices

More and more people are choosing to drive sustainably: EV sales are growing at a rate of more than 50 percent year over year. All of these EV drivers need a place to charge their vehicles.

Having access to EV charging makes it easier for people to kick fossil fuels. The U.S. Department of Energy has found that drivers with access to charging at work are 6X more likely to switch to electric. Extending the EV charging network encourages sustainable choices.

Our Planet Benefits from Reduced Emissions

Driving on electricity reduces or eliminates GHG emissions. The average American can avoid more than 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year by driving an EV.

EV driving will continue to get even cleaner as more renewable energy comes onto the grid. Charging stations can run on renewable energy to keep pushing down emissions and electricity costs related to charging.

EVs improve local air quality by centralizing emissions at power plants, and they are more efficient overall than vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

"EV charging stations embody the people-planet-profit framework for sustainable investing in the truest sense. They are a valuable amenity for our customers, contributing to increased tenant satisfaction and loyalty, and they support the transition away from fossil fuel. We have invested in ChargePoint stations because it makes sense for our business."

Sara Neff

SVP Sustainability, Kilroy Realty

Sustainability Is a Team Sport: Engage Customers and Employees with EV Charging

See How Kohl's Built a Successful EV Charging Program

As an organization committed to sustainability you are constantly looking for ways to reduce GHG emissions, align sustainability efforts with business goals and engage with your community. Did you know that offering networked EV charging for your employees and customers can help you achieve all of the above?

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Make a Climate Pledge #withChargePoint

Driving electric is a great choice for the planet and your wallet, but there’s so much more we can do for sustainability. Will you commit to driving electric, recycling, bringing reusable bags, riding your bike or taking another climate action with us? No matter how small, what matters is doing something.

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We're Getting Recognized

We're honored to have been recognized by many distinguished organizations for our contributions toward a more sustainable future. Below are some of the environmental honors we have received.









Do the Right Thing. Be a Green Leader.

Offering EV charging not only helps you achieve your sustainability goals, but also involves your employees and customers in the process.

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