Apartments and Condos

Increase Property Value and Meet Growing Demand for EV Charging

Offer Smart EV Charging as an Amenity to Your Residents

Apartments and Condos

25% of Vehicles Sold Will Be Electric by 2025


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Why Offer EV Charging?

Here’s How Your Community Can Benefit:

Apartment Owners and Managers

  • Attract and retain high value, green-minded residents
  • Increase average rent and property value
  • Meet emerging state and city regulations
  • Improve your green standing and meet sustainability goals, e.g. LEED certification
Charging for Apartments

Condo Community Associations and HOA Boards

  • Support condo owners’ requests for EV charging
  • Enable condo owners to add a desirable property upgrade without burdening other community members
  • Make your property attractive to future home buyers
  • Comply with emerging HOA laws and building standards
Charging for Condos

Why Your Property Needs to Be EV Ready


EV Drivers Will Live Where They Can Charge
As more apartment and condominium residents switch to driving on electricity, they need a convenient, reliable way to charge their cars at home. On weekdays, drivers can recover the miles they’ve used on daily commutes and errands. On weekends, they can focus on having fun and taking trips instead of looking for a charge.

New Green Building Regulations and Incentives Emerge Every Day
Apartment and condo properties across the country are installing EV charging infrastructure to meet government regulations and achieve sustainability goals. For example, some states and cities require new buildings to support EV charging for 3-25% of parking spots. ChargePoint can help you navigate this complex landscape of building codes, regulations, grants, incentives, rebates, and tax credits.

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Don’t Offer Just EV Charging.
Offer Smart EV Charging.

With ChargePoint, It’s Never Been Easier

  • Web-portal and dedicated support for property manager or HOA administrator
  • Automated billing and reimbursements for common electricity used
  • Energy management to charge more cars without needing expensive electrical upgrades
  • Let drivers use their existing ChargePoint account to track and pay for charging
  • 24/7 driver support team capable of starting charging sessions remotely
  • Proactive station monitoring and on-site station maintenance
  • Reporting and analytics to track energy usage, environmental impact, and revenue
  • Valet makes it easy to monitor the charging status of all vehicles and switch them out when they’re fully charged
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ChargePoint Makes It Simple and Effortless for Property Managers to Offer EV Charging

We chose ChargePoint primarily because of the cloud-based software and services, which provides services and features that take the burden off of property managers who are too busy to deal with billing and maintenance for EV charging. Additionally, if drivers have questions or a problem, they call ChargePoint’s customer service and have the issue resolved quickly. This service gives our properties the flexibility, support, and services they need to successfully provide EV charging to residents.

Kelly Vickers
National Director of Sustainability, Alliance Residential Company

Charging Solutions Designed for Apartments and Condos

Whether your property has assigned or shared parking, ChargePoint makes it easy for you to offer EV charging.


Personal Charging

Offer EV drivers the ability to charge their cars right at their assigned parking spot.

  • Apartments: Easily manage stations and assign them to residents quickly
  • Condos: Enable drivers to pay for and install charging stations in their deeded parking spots with no financial burden on other community members

Community Charging

Offer EV drivers a place to charge their cars in a common parking area.

  • Set pricing policies and charge fees by time, session, or electricity usage (kWh)
  • Restrict charging-station access to residents only, or extend it to guests and the public
  • Provide a superior charging experience with features like Station Availability, Waitlist and notifications
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