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ChargePoint Express Plus

The building block for motorway charging success

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From site selection and design to energy optimisation and driver support, ChargePoint® Express Plus simplifies the deployment of future-proof electrification infrastructure. Quality hardware and powerful software enable seamless scaling to serve all kinds of drivers.

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The ChargePoint platform empowers you to get complete control and rich insights so you can manage your EV charging programme with ease. Take a self-guided product tour to try ChargePoint for yourself.

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Express Plus Modular Hardware

Modular system built to scale

Our modular DC fast-charging platform is built to scale with your needs and ready for the future of charging. The Express Plus system includes Power Blocks that house up to five Power Modules and deliver power that can be dynamically shared among Power Link stations, equipped with 500 A liquid-cooled cables and simultaneous charging to deliver a premium driver experience.

  • Depending upon configuration, the system is able to deliver up to 500 kW to a single port, with the potential to add hundreds of miles of range in under 15 minutes.
  • Designed to scale by power delivered, vehicles served or both to meet the needs of the evolving EV industry.
  • Open, flexible and integrated solution built to work with all vehicle types and integrate with back-end systems.

Express Plus Component Serviceability

Built for serviceability

All components are architected for optimal efficiency, scalability and serviceability.

  • Modular architecture enables incremental power sharing so drivers can charge at the speeds they need.
  • Field-replaceable components simplify servicing. Components can be serviced by a certified technician in under 30 minutes.
  • Liquid cooling, high efficiency and intelligent design reduce long-term system costs.

Express Plus Power Link & Branded Station

Premium experience for your drivers

Power Links dispense power to vehicles efficiently and reliably. It’s easy to personalise the charging experience and configure Power Links for any vehicle.

  • Liquid-cooled cables enable fast charging speeds, while cable management creates an easy charging experience and reaches a variety of vehicles.
  • Ensure that drivers can count on getting a charge, thanks to high-quality stations and a leading service and maintenance programme.
  • Simple integrations with existing systems let EV drivers connect with your loyalty programmes and promotions.

Solutions built for your industry

ChargePoint Express Plus DC fast-charging stations are ideal for businesses located along major roads that serve a variety of drivers.

Fueling and convenience Icon Fuelling and convenience
Retail EV Charging Retail
Highway Corridor Charging Motorway charging

ChargePoint Express Plus connectors work with all vehicles capable of Level 3 charging.

DC Europe
DC North America & Europe

ChargePoint Assure

Safeguard your investment

Protect your business with industry-leading monitoring, maintenance and support. ChargePoint offers world-class service products and support, including the Assure® monitoring and maintenance programme, to meet your needs at every stage of the EV charging experience.

  • 98% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Coverage of labour for repairs

Industry-leading scalability, experience and reliability

Prepare for the future of electric mobility with the experts.


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