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EV Driver FAQ

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What is ChargePoint?

ChargePoint brings electric vehicle (EV) charging to more people and places than ever before with the world’s leading and most open EV charging network. We design, build and support all of the technology that powers this network, from charging station hardware to energy management software to a mobile app. Our work transforms transportation and energy use by helping more people choose to drive electric. ChargePoint’s real-time network information – including the availability of charging locations throughout the nation – is available through the ChargePoint app.

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What can I do with my ChargePoint account?

Creating a ChargePoint account will give you quick and easy access to all stations on the leading EV charging network and other major networks. With your ChargePoint account, you’ll be able to charge at stations from ChargePoint and most other major networks, reducing the need for multiple accounts or memberships. Plus, you’ll be able to see station availability before you arrive and can set up mobile and email notifications to get updates on the charging status of your vehicle.

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How do I find a spot to charge?

Get the ChargePoint app to find available spots, start charging and get updates when your car is fully charged..

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How do I start charging?

After you get the ChargePoint app, you’re ready to start charging. Find a place to charge using the app, which recommends stations that work with your EV.

Tip: Make sure you turn off your EV and open your charge port lid and cap before charging. There should be a button or release for the charge port lid in your EV, like for a fuel cap.

Step 1: Tap In

Tap your phone (with the app signed in to your account) or ChargePoint card on the station to unlock the charging connector. Or, tap the orange “Start Charge” button on the station info page in the app.

Step 2: Lift the Connector

Push the button on the connector to lift it out of the holster.

Step 3: Plug In (and Check In)

Plug the connector into your EV (and hit the blue button to start charging, for fast charging). Check your EV to make sure you’re charging (there are often indicator lights on the dashboard).

Step 4: Do Your Thing

Relax and go about your day. We’ll send you an update when your car has finished charging.

Step 5: Tap Out

When you get back to your EV, tap your phone or card (and press the blue button, for fast charging) to end your session. The station will show you how much it cost and we’ll send you a receipt.

Don’t forget to unplug the connector and put it back in the holster. Then, drive away happier in your fully-charged EV.

If you need help, call driver support on +44 (020) 7519 5052.

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How much will I pay to charge my car?

Stations on the ChargePoint network are independently owned, so each station owner sets the price for use of their stations. You can see the price to use a specific station on our app by viewing the indicated rates on the station details page. Because prices are dynamically configured by individual station owners, the price you pay at any given ChargePoint station is subject to change at any time without notification.

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How do I obtain or activate a ChargePoint card?

You can sign up for a free ChargePoint card online or via our app. After sign-up you will receive a free card within 7-10 business days. Once it arrives, you must log in to your account and activate your card. Go to My Account and select Manage ChargePoint Cards. Make sure you have your ChargePoint card to hand to enter the serial number and select save.

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How do I pay for charging?

ChargePoint operates on a credit system. The first time you use a ChargePoint station with a fee, you’ll need to enter payment information. We’ll charge you £10, keep that as a balance on your account and deduct your charging costs from it. Every time your balance goes below £5 we’ll add another £10 using the payment method on file. (If you charge your EV a lot, we’ll bring your balance up to your average monthly charging total instead of £10.)

If you only use free stations, we’ll never charge your card. If you cancel your account, we’ll refund the remainder of your balance. To update or remove your payment information anytime, go to Financial Information (web) or My Profile (mobile) under My Account.

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How does ChargePoint manage station faults?

ChargePoint monitors the health of the network. When we encounter a station that is not operating correctly or are alerted to a down station by a driver, we contact the owner (or responsible person) in order to help facilitate the repair. The vast majority of ChargePoint manufactured stations are owned independently, and thus, any repair or maintenance of those stations will be carried out by the owner of a given charging station.