ChargePoint Home for Dealerships Program

Offer Your Customers the Best Selling Home Charger Right from Your Dealership

The ChargePoint Home for Dealerships Program allows you to be a one-stop shop for your electric vehicle (EV) customers. Now you can drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction by selling the most advanced EV home charger directly from your dealership.

Take Your EV Sales Further

  • Build an additional revenue stream with flexible pricing*
  • Direct your customers to our 24/7 customer support team
  • Increase Customer Service Index (CSI) score

Provide Superior Customer Service

  • Convenient one-stop shopping experience
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Guides, brochures and videos for fast and easy installation
  • Great user experience and satisfaction with the leading home charger

"Absolutely gorgeous and elegant hardware, simple setup process…I recommend this charger to anyone!"

ChargePoint Home customer

"ChargePoint Home is a gorgeously compact smart charging station"


Sell The Most Advanced Home Charger

ChargePoint Home is the smartest, smallest and most advanced level 2 residential EV charger on the market.

  • Connects to the ChargePoint Mobile App allowing drivers to remotely start, schedule and track charging
  • Recommends the best time to charge based on local utility rates
  • Integrates with NEST to track home energy usage and further save on energy costs
  • Ultra-sleek, compact, beautiful and durable design

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