ChargePoint Express 200


Make your business a preferred destination.

Innovative features of the Express 200 include:

Speed: A 50kW output station that charges at a maximum rate of 200 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour).

Connectors: With both a CHAdeMO and SAE Combo Connector, you can serve all EVs with fast charging capabilities with a single charging station.

Form Factor: At only 13 inches deep and one-third the weight of other dual connector DC stations, you’ll have flexibility in installation and the price to ship and install is significantly lower.

Low Maintenance Costs: Cut maintenance costs with the only liquid cooled DC fast charger on the market. Instead of replacing fans and air filters several times a year, the Express 200 coolant will last up to 10 years and is easily replaced.

Reliability: With the ability to identify and repair problems remotely, the ChargePoint Support team will be able to minimize downtime should any problems occur.

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The Network Effect

When you choose ChargePoint Express you don’t just get the most advanced stations in the industry, you also get the world’s largest EV network. Plus:

  • Set specialized pricing policies and access controls
  • Make your stations visible to thousands of EV drivers
  • Generate usage and energy reports
  • Provide 24/7 hassle-free support to your EV drivers by the ChargePoint Support team
  • Industry leading station service products and support

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