Take Charge

With more hardware options on our network and over 20,700 public level 2 and Express (DC fast charging) locations, ChargePoint is the largest and most open charging network in the world.

All hardware on our network comes with our advanced cloud-based software and 24x7 driver support.

Choosing a Charging Station

Level 2 and express charging both deliver fast and convenient charging. The vast majority of public charging stations are level 2, which any car can plug into. Fast chargers, also known as level 3 or DC fast charging, offer the fastest charging speeds available. Today, fast chargers do not have a universal connector so no station model can charge all cars.

Universal ConnectorStay 1 hr+1 hr = 25 mi

Level 2
Universal connector that works with all cars
Primarily when parked for an hour or more such as at a workplace or retail location
One hour of charging delivers up to 25 miles range
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2 Connector TypesStay <1 hr30 min = 80 mi

Two different connector types to accommodate different standards used by automakers
Primarily when parked for 30 minutes or less like at a highway rest stop
30 minutes of charging delivers up to 80 miles
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Home Charging

ChargePoint Home gives you the speed and convenience of level 2 charging in your garage. Now, you can get up to 25 miles per hour of charging and easily manage all your charging right from your phone. Learn more.