We’ve Got The Right Solution For You

ChargePoint provides electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for all businesses and locations and with innovative financing options, we make it more affordable than ever. Whatever your focus, ChargePoint makes charging good for business.

Our most popular applications for charging include work, retail, municipal or public parking garages. We also offer charging solutions for many additional applications such as multi-dwelling residential properties, education campuses, hospitals, entertainment and recreational venues.

EV charging at the office

ChargePoint makes it easy and affordable to offer EV charging to your employees, clients and visitors.

Reasons to offer EV charging at the office:

  • Give your employees, on average, a five percent raise by helping them save thousands of dollars on gas.
  • Drive productivity by helping employees get out of traffic and into the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.
  • Advance your sustainability goals and improve corporate image.

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EV charging for retail

By offering EV charging, you can attract new customers who stay longer and spend more.

Reasons to offer EV charging at the store:

  • Drive traffic and attract new customers who stay longer, spend more and come back.
  • Enhance your sustainability programs and improve your image.
  • Advertise to the largest group of EV drivers.

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EV charging around town

Public EV charging can make your town or city an even bigger attraction—especially for eco-conscious drivers and consumers.

Reasons to offer EV charging around town:

  • Attract residents and visitors.
  • Drive revenue for your city.
  • Improve your city’s image with residents and visitors.
  • Achieve sustainability goals.

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EV charging in the parking lot

Now you can turn your parking lot into a charging lot.

Reasons to offer EV charging in your parking lot:

  • Boost revenues.
  • Stand out from competing parking locations.

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