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Proposez des solutions de recharge de véhicules électriques clés en main aux clients propriétaires de flottes

Offrez aux opérateurs de flottes la possibilité de gérer facilement la recharge des véhicules électriques pour les flottes au travail, à domicile ou sur la route.


Grow your business with a ready-to-go EV fleet charging solution.

The EV market is developing and growing fast. The growth rate in the EU in 2020 alone was 71 %, with over one million EV units sold during the year. To maximize this business opportunity, fleet managers need reliable solutions and partners to support them in their future EV charging operations. Technical obstacles are disappearing across the continent quickly. This is lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for EVs, so it has become an economic imperative for fleet managers to migrate their existing fleets to electric vehicles.

Utilisez le logiciel de recharge de véhicules électriques be.ENERGISED pour toutes les flottes

Proposez des solutions de recharge flexibles et fiables. Offrez aux opérateurs de flottes la possibilité de recharger les véhicules au travail, à domicile ou sur la route. Rassurez vos clients en leur offrant une assistance technique 24 h/24, 7 j/7 pour une disponibilité maximale des bornes dans toute l'Europe.

Facilitez le traitement des paiements. be.ENERGISED assure le traitement automatisé des factures et des paiements ainsi que la facturation unique pour toutes les sessions de recharge de véhicules électriques, que les conducteurs soient au travail, à la maison ou sur la route. Des tableaux de bord intuitifs et la fonction d'exportation des données garantissent une transparence totale.

Rationalisez les opérations de flotte. Gérez facilement l'infrastructure de recharge des véhicules électriques de vos clients ainsi que les informations sur les conducteurs, notamment les inscriptions, la facturation, les plans tarifaires, la facturation des utilisateurs, le crédit du propriétaire de borne(s), la TVA et bien plus encore.

The most advanced EV charging solutions for reliable and scalable EV fleet operations

be.ENERGISED, our hardware agnostic EV charging software handles EV fleets with ease. It provides solutions for EV charging at work, at home, and on the road. Leverage our market leadership and offer your customers a flawless EV charging experience based on our three key product features:

Charging at work

Charging for company fleets, private employee cars, and visitors

  • Automated logging of all charging records, with one-click access
  • Access control for different user groups
  • Calculate different cost and reimbursement rates for different user groups
  • Direct cost center allocation
  • Full price and cost transparency

Charging at home

Charging of private and/or company cars

  • Automated calculation of energy costs based on individual energy rates
  • Automated company invoicing
  • Automated employee credit notes
  • Transparent and legally compliant processes

Charging on the road

Charging company EV fleets and private employees EV's on the road:

  • Access to hundreds of thousands of places to charge
  • Best prices for you and your customers
  • All contract negotiation with third-party CPOs finalized
  • Absorption of interface cost and ongoing development

Our Solution Partners program

We support leading companies from industries such as energy, electrical engineering, and facilities management, as well as specialist EV charging providers, not only with our scalable EV charging solution but also with multi-client capability. be.ENERGISED offers the multi-client capability and allows users to cluster and manage different subnetworks efficiently.

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