EV charging in retail industry

Attirez davantage de conducteurs de véhicules électriques

Améliorez l'expérience client et augmentez vos revenus grâce à des services de mobilité électrique de marque.


A boost for your charging infrastructure.

be.ENERGISED is the hardware-independent e-mobility cloud software for next-level efficiency, easy operation, and seamless customer experience. By investing in EV charging you’ll become a leader in sustainable business and help expand Europe’s charging infrastructure.

Faites évoluer votre commerce de détail grâce à la recharge de véhicules électriques

Utilisez un logiciel indépendant du matériel. be.ENERGISED est compatible avec toutes les marques et tous les types de bornes de recharge de véhicules électriques en Europe, y compris les nouveaux modèles bientôt disponibles.

Créez une nouvelle source de revenus. Maintenez vos bornes de recharge en état de marche pendant les heures d'ouverture et même au-delà, pour vos clients et le grand public.

Rationalisez la gestion de la recharge. be.ENERGISED gère tous les tarifs pour des groupes de clients spécifiques en fonction de l'heure de la journée. Réunissez plusieurs groupes de clients et gérez-les à l'aide d'un logiciel flexible unique.

Automatisez la facturation multinationale. be.ENERGISED gère les taux de TVA à l'échelle européenne, dans plusieurs devises et langues. Les services de paiement automatisés procurent aux clients une certaine flexibilité tout en rationalisant le back-end de votre activité.

Grow customer loyalty

Keep your visitors coming back for more by linking their charging sessions to your loyalty program. They’ll also benefit from automated billing and a white label hotline for user queries. Meanwhile, 24/7 IT support and remote maintenance ensure you can provide those clients with a service that’s reliable. Offering them hassle-free charging whilst they shop equates to more satisfied customers ready to spend more money. Those who experience simple, straightforward charging will show loyalty and be happy to return.

Drive revenues with e-mobility

In addition to expanding your customer base and monetizing your charging infrastructure, you’ll be able to offer your clients access to Europe’s biggest charging network. Your charging station will benefit from visibility in the be.ENERGISED Community. That not only means free promotion for your charging stations but also higher utilization and revenue.

Supercharge customer experience

Build customer satisfaction with our simple Plug&Pay solution. be.ENERGISED allows you to connect to your own IT infrastructure, which in turn means a perfect customer journey – from charging station access and dynamic pricing to automated billing and payment. Multi-language hotline assistants make sure that your customers get help during the charging process at any time.

More efficiency, less expense

Modular installation and scaling ensures be.ENERGISED can always match the evolving needs of your retail business. It also means we can provide for the efficient, automated management of larger charging infrastructures and offer useful retailer features such as charging area clusters and automated billing including Europe-wide sales tax accounting.

Tailored to your needs

Your be.ENERGISED project manager works with you all the way from planning to rollout to live operation. They’ll recommend and deliver the modules and processes needed for your individual business case. We guarantee your clients will have a first-class charging experience, whilst your tailored infrastructure runs with 24/7 IT support and full price transparency.

Welcome to the safe side

As the leading player in the industry, be.ENERGISED offers a secure, high-performance software with over tens of thousands charging ports, ongoing technical support, and the experience that comes from undertaking over 1,000 projects.

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