Charge Your Mercedes-EQ with ChargePoint Home Flex


Charge Your Mercedes-EQ Faster

For your Mercedes-EQ, you’ll need more than a few miles of range per hour from your typical household outlet. Add up to 30 miles of range per hour to your Mercedes-EQ with ChargePoint Home Flex, a 240-volt Level 2 home charger that can deliver up to 50 amps of power. Set the amperage that matches your electrical panel capacity and car to see how fast you can charge.

Set ChargePoint Home Flex to

to add up to  30 37 36 25 18 12  miles of range per hour.

Charge Smarter, Not Just Faster

Use the Mercedes me connect and ChargePoint apps (both available on iOS and Android) to make owning a Mercedes-EQ vehicle even easier.

Schedule charging when energy is cheapest

Save money and reduce hassle by setting a schedule for charging.

Get reminders to plug in

Never forget to charge when you set regular reminders.

Track all your charging in one place

Home, work and around town — we've got you covered.

Find places to charge away from home

Use the Mercedes me connect app to search for spots, filter by charging speed, see if stations are available and more.

Connect to your smart home

Manage charging with your voice using Alexa and set charging speed in the app.

Did you know you could save even more?

Make the most of your home charging investment with a U.S. federal tax credit** covering 30% of the costs of a home charger and installation (up to $1,000). Check to see if you can combine this credit with other incentives in your area.

Check to see if your state has EV charging incentives to get money back for home charging.

Everything You Need in a Home Charger

ChargePoint Home Flex is UL listed for safety, ENERGY STAR certified for efficiency and backed by a 3-year warranty to protect your EV investment. It’s easy to install indoors or out, no matter your electrical capacity, and the 23-foot charging cable can reach any parking configuration. We don’t think you’ll have any issues, but 24/7 phone support is available just in case.

Safety Tested
Energy Efficient
Satisfaction Guaranteed
24/7 Support

Install Once, Charge Whenever

Do you need help with home installation? Mercedes has partnered with Qmerit with their trusted network of electricians. Qmerit works directly with you and will guide the professional installation your new ChargePoint Home Flex.

ChargePoint Home Install

"Fast, reliable, and excellent customer service

ChargePoint is an excellent product, easy to install and has excellent customer service if or when trouble shooting may be needed. Quality.”


"Worth the Money

Installing the faster charger has made owning an electric car as carefree as owning a gas-powered car. I can go from 40% to 80% in about 2 hours. My state offered a $500 refund as well, so a big win!”


"Fast and convenient charging at home

Love this charger. Easy to store and attach for charging. Not too heavy or bulky. Plug in at night and have a full charge when you leave in the morning. Takes the stress out of finding a charging station and worrying about the time needed to charge in a public place."


"Great Product

Everything about this product says QUALITY, unboxing shows how much care has been put into every detail, right down to the screws in their holder. I’ve been using for about 3 to 4 weeks, works perfectly. Thank you for a great product!"


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