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Your EV charging made simple: We handle every aspect of EV charging in just one platform. With be.ENERGISED you can count on being able to implement any future business models with utmost flexibility. We offer CPOs, MSPs and Solution Partners the complete solution for an EV charging market entry.

CPO - Charge point operator

Charge Point Operators (CPO)

Looking for an appropriate service to handle operations, maintenance and monitoring after significantly expanding an existing network of EV charging stations?

Charge Point Operators use be.ENERGISED for charging infrastructure monitoring, marketing and maintenance. As the charging infrastructure and CPO requirements evolve, the software grows through modular solutions.

Solution partners

Solution Partners

Want to broaden your core business to include EV charging solutions, becoming a full-service provider for your B2B and B2C customers?

Solution Partners offer EV charging services that combine be.ENERGISED’s white label services with charging hardware and related hardware services. The EV charging services represent your primary business or are an extension of your core business.

MSP - Mobility service provider

E-Mobility Service Providers (eMSP)

Keen to offer your customers unlimited access to charging stations throughout Europe with your own EV charging service, presented in your branding?

E-Mobility Service Providers use be.ENERGISED as their backend software. This allows them access to hundreds of thousands of places to charge, as well as to issue invoices and process customer payments.

Six be.ENERGISED benefits that could make all the difference for your business

White label approach

Your customers don’t see us at all. Because we remain in the background, operating in your branding on a white label basis, the transactions belong to you. You and your brand can thus establish a long-term market position that works.

Flexibility & modularity

A software solution that can be put to work quickly, yet can also adapt to new market conditions thanks to its modularity. Interoperability, open networks and a multitude of APIs guarantee its unlimited use in all areas of application.

Hardware neutrality

We’re compatible with all established charging stations on the European market. So you can be certain that any future hardware solutions will be able to run on be.ENERGISED!

Roaming & interoperability

be.ENERGISED is connected to all relevant roaming platforms, offering direct connections to the biggest roaming networks. Interfaces to billing and payment systems support automated billing, invoicing and payment processes.

Individual tariff management & billing

Your business model has to work – that’s of utmost importance to us. Automated billing processes can reduce your internal resource requirements on a long-term basis. We deal with all requirements related to sales tax, various currencies and a variety of languages – all done within a single solution.

Customer data ownership

All the data belongs to you – and thus the entire customer relationship. We just make sure everything runs smoothly. The customer, and every advantage that comes with them, remains exclusively yours.

Modular cloud platform for EV charging

All the functions

Our modular cloud software combines all the functions your need for your EV charging business.

  • Hardware-neutral connectivity
  • Roaming
  • Access management
  • Billing & pricing models

Discover these and many more be.ENERGISED capabilities here:

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Succeed as a provider in the EV charging ecosystem

We can help you set up a scalable, successful, profitable business model. Discover all the possibilities for a new customer experience while relying on the industry solution with the best compliance, legal certainty and flexibility built in – as well as over a decade’s experience to its name.

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