Get the most out of your EV charging network

Get the most out of your EV charging network

From smooth charging station operation to global e-mobility services, be.ENERGISED has the flexibility to grow with your business.

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An overview of be.ENERGISED's most important functions

Hardware-neutral connectivity

The be.ENERGISED software uses the OCPP (Open Chargepoint Protocol) communication standard for the data exchange between the charging station and the backend. You also have access to real-time data from stations and can undertake remote maintenance.


be.ENERGISED ensures you’ll achieve success by making your charging stations accessible to a broad pool of clients. Whether you operate your own charging stations or are a mobility service provider – we make your offering available to as many customers as possible. You can either enter the market with our ready-to-go services or you can develop your own roaming network.

Access management

Whether the charging stations are your own or those of a third-party provider, you can allow different user groups access to the highest number of charging stations via be.ENERGISED Access Management. You can take advantage as a charging infrastructure provider and as an eMobility Service Provider.

Billing & pricing

Combine Access Management with finely honed billing options. be.ENERGISED takes care of all tax requirements, handling multiple currencies and languages. The tariff management system allows you to set the prices at which end customers and roaming partners can charge at your stations.

Invoicing & credit notes

be.ENERGISED ensures that invoices and credit notes are automatically sent to clients in your own name and branding. Our entity-based billing even allows you to issue invoices in the names of your sub-clients.

Payment services

Connect to a Payment Service Provider of your choice via the standardized be.ENERGISED Payment Gateway. This allows you to make a number of payment methods available to your end customers. The billing information generated is then sent to your payment provider via a fully automated billing process.

White label hotline

Thanks to the be.ENERGISED white label hotline, you’re equipped with 24/7 first-level support. You can thus concentrate on running a winning business while your charging stations take care of themselves.

24/7 monitoring & troubleshooting

You can expect a reliable charging station network because we monitor it around the clock, reacting before your customers even notice a problem. Our response times are guaranteed, meaning quick solutions to any operational issues.

Emissions trading

One click is all it takes for you as a charging infrastructure operator to gain easy, profitable access to the German emissions trading system. We guarantee you a fixed price, regardless of exchange prices. And for every kilowatt-hour of electricity, we’ll invest a portion of the profits in developing renewable energies.

Thrive as a provider in the EV charging ecosystem.

We can help you build a successful, scalable, and profitable business model.

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Your gateway to EV charging

be.ENERGISED is the right solution for any company looking to develop its own EV charging business or expand its core business to include e-mobility services.

A complete solution for EV charging

As a hardware-agnostic charging software, be.ENERGISED offers CPOs, eMSPs and Solution Partners a complete solution to hit the ground running in the e-mobility market.

Find out more about how you can get started with EV charging as a Charge Point Operator (CPO), E-Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) or Solution Partner.

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Your gateway to EV charging

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