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ChargePoint is leading the transition to electric transportation, so corridors, workplaces and cities everywhere thrive with less pollution and noise. We’re building a new fuelling network, so your customers, employees and visitors have a convenient way to charge their cars. 

Proven Solutions for All Businesses

  • Large deployments for leased vehicles or fleets can integrate with building and energy management systems to lower operational costs
  • Cities benefit from multiple pricing models and a wizard that makes it easy to set fees for charging
  • Workplaces keep employees productive with automatic notices when a charging spot is available

Expertly Engineered Hardware

  • Cutting-edge platform for rapid charging corridors is built for the next 10 years of electric cars, buses and lorries
  • Interactive video display, input buttons and cord management make stations safe and easy to use  
  • Designed for durability and reliability, stations are ruggedised for all weather conditions

ChargePoint has a full line of EV charging hardware for all charging needs across fleets, cities, workplaces and more. 

Real-Time Cloud Services

  • Intuitive graphical dashboard simplifies station management
  • Advanced energy management features reduce station installation costs
  • Comprehensive analytics support planning and management reporting

Unmatched Support

  • Proactive 24/7 station monitoring  
  • ChargePoint co-ordinates parts and on-site labour for repairs within one business day
  • 98% annual uptime guarantee with non-performance penalty

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February 5-7 2019 | Essen, Germany

EV 32

May 19-22 2019 | Lyon, France

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Help us drive the shift to e-mobility. ChargePoint is hiring professionals in multiple disciplines across many countries. For your convenience, all job opportunities are on our U.S. website. Find one that's a fit for you.

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To get in touch with us about business opportunities or purchasing charging solutions, follow these steps:

  1. Express your interest in ChargePoint by emailing us at
  2. We will contact you to gather more details.

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