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EV Charging 101: Charge, drive and live better

Discover EV charging basics. Going electric is convenient, easy and affordable.

Go Electric

A better way to live

Going electric has never been simpler, easier or more affordable. Switching to an EV can save you time and money, while providing you with both personal and sustainable peace of mind.

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Save money
Going electric can save you money in a number of ways. Electricity is cheaper than filling up again, EVs require less maintenance and you can charge when electricity is cheapest to save even more money.

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Reduce emissions
Switching to an EV is an easy way to reduce your personal emissions and help support the electric revolution to everyone’s benefit.

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Embrace convenience
Charging your EV is as easy, seamless and convenient as plugging in your phone. Charge wherever life takes you, whether you’re at home, at work, around town or on the road.

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Which EV is right for you?

Welcome to the wonderful world of EVs. Let us help find the right type of EV for you. Consider size, range, cost and style when choosing your new EV so you can charge, drive and live better.

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Hybrid electric vehicle

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An HEV combines an internal combustion engine (ICE) with an electric motor that stores and uses energy from a battery.

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Plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

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A PHEV is a hybrid electric vehicle that has a battery that can be recharged by being plugged in, as well as a combustion engine.

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Battery electric vehicle

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A BEV runs 100% on electricity and has the greatest potential for environmental and cost benefits.

EV charging basics

Charging an EV couldn’t be easier once you learn the four universal steps. Drive up, plug in and live your best life while your EV charges. It’s that simple.

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Find the station right for you

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Plug in your car

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Unplug when your EV is ready

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Charge on with your life

Find the station right for your car and location with an app.

Plug in your EV to begin charging and enjoy the world around you.

Unplug your EV when it’s done charging. An app like ChargePoint will notify you so you don’t have to wait.

Carry on with your life now that your EV is charged and ready to go.

Why not?

Skip the fuel station and charge at work

Workplace charging is fast becoming a popular employee benefit. Charge your EV affordably while you’re already at the office. Win-win.

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Charging at home

Charge where you live

Charge at home while you go about your life. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your EV will always be ready to go when you are.

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Level 2 charging

AC charging station

Level 2 charging is the fastest way to charge your EV at home and requires a special socket and plug.

Socket Type

  • Special 240-volt AC socket

Charging Time

  • Faster; provides 10 to 60 miles of range per hour


  • Faster charging speed than wall socket
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Level 2 smart charging

AC charging station with smart features

Level 2 smart charging combines the speed of Level 2 charging with premium features and high-tech control.

Socket Type

  • Special 240-volt AC socket

Charging Time

  • Faster; provides 20 to 40 miles of range per hour


  • Schedule charging
  • Control charging and more with an app
  • Connect to your local utility
  • Track energy costs
  • Manage energy use

Why not?

Save money with an EV

The average EV owner will save between $800 and $1,000 per year on fuelling alone compared to an equivalent petrol-powered car.

Charging on the go

Charge around town

Charge your EV as you move through the world. From the office to the open road, charge, drive and live confidently knowing you can find the right station for you and your EV.

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AC charging

Level 2 charging

Level 2 public charging is very similar to fast home charging. It’s perfect for charging at the office, grocery store or overnight at a hotel.

Charging Time

  • Familiar; provides 20–40 miles of range per hour

When to use

  • Perfect for use around town, while running errands and at work
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DC fast charging

Level 3 charging

DC fast charging, sometimes referred to as 'Level 3' charging, is your fastest public charging type. It’s perfect for charging quickly on the road or when time is scarce. Keep in mind DC charging is more expensive and can affect your battery’s lifespan.

Charging Time

  • Fastest; provides 80% charge in 20 minutes to 1 hour

When to use

  • Perfect for on a road trip and when you’re in a hurry

Compatible plug types

Level 2 public charging works with two plug types.

Level 2 EV charging connector

Level 2

Compatible plug types

DC or Level 3 public charging works with three plug types.

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Icon of CHAdeMO plug type


Driver profiles

EV driver spotlight

Hear from EV drivers themselves about why they love the freedom and convenience of their EV lifestyles. Now picture yourself in the driver’s seat.

“The money we save on petrol and maintenance goes toward activities for our kids and saving for family holiday.”

“People should know that driving electric is very affordable and convenient, with charging units all over the country, and abroad! Given the plethora of charging options and locations, there is absolutely no “range anxiety” from driving electric.”

“Now that both of our vehicles are electric, we are easily saving $250 in fuel monthly and our maintenance has been reduced to $0."

EV lingo


ICEing is NOT sweet like icing. When an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle parks in an EV charging spot and prevents an EV driver from charging, an EV driver has been “ICEd.” The best thing to do is write an ICE driver a note explaining the inconvenience and importance of EV charging access.

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Want to learn more?

EV driver support

Excited and want to learn even more? Dive deeper into our extensive EV learning centre, and explore topics ranging from charging speeds to how to find the right station for you.

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