Building a Sustainable
Future Together

ChargePoint believes that the rapid transition to electric mobility is essential to building a sustainable future for all. After more than a decade, our mission remains the same—to create technology that will enable the movement of all people and goods on electricity. We’ve built one of the world’s leading EV charging networks by investing in, developing and deploying a world-class portfolio of EV charging solutions across every vertical on two continents. Today, you can charge across North America and Europe with just one ChargePoint account.

From passenger cars and city buses to heavy-duty lorries and delivery vans, we charge it all. By providing an effortless charging experience for companies, fleets and drivers, we are creating a new fuelling model that is good for the planet, good for society and good for business.

We’re delivering on our mission with:

  • Real-time access to environmental impact data that provides businesses, fleet managers, multifamily property owners and drivers with actionable information to achieve their sustainability goals
  • The first ENERGY STAR® certified EV commercial and residential charging stations on the market, CE certified in Europe
  • Expanded access to tens of thousands of additional places to charge through roaming agreements and integrations in North America and Europe

What We’ve Achieved Together

CP Stats9B miles driven on electricity to date
CP Stats225M charges delivered to date
CP Stats1,363M litres of petrol avoided to date

ChargePoint drivers have:

CP Stats avoided 1B GBP in petrol costs
CP Stats avoided 90M GBP in oil change costs
CP Stats saved 814M GBP in total cost of ownership

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We’re Getting Recognised

We’re honoured to have been recognised by many distinguished organisations for our contributions towards a more sustainable future. Below are some of the honours we have received.

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EV charging isn’t only good for the planet, it’s good for business.

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