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The acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs) is growing rapidly in Europe. Driven by a number of factors, including the Paris climate agreement, new legislations in individual countries and pending regional petrol and diesel vehicle bans, the switch to electric mobility has well and truly begun and is set to accelerate in the coming years.

As a fleet decision-maker, you may be wondering how you should deal with the changes in mobility yourself and how you can support drivers in the transition. As a site manager, you might feel overwhelmed by huge investment demand, utilisation questions and the need to coordinate staff, suppliers and customers who want to charge. Not to mention concerns about management, pricing, power constraints and expandability questions.

Confronted with all these factors, you may be unsure of the best solution that can meet the needs of the business while avoiding additional strain on your budget or resources.

ChargePoint has been helping customers with the intricacies of their charging projects for over 12 years and has pioneered a new way to offer EV charging to employees or customers that will help facilitate your transition to e-mobility. ChargePoint as a Service® (CPaaS) is a new subscription model that empowers more organisations to be a part of the fuelling network of the future. CPaaS democratises EV charging by bringing all of the benefits of the “as a Service” pricing model to businesses interested in providing comprehensive EV charging solutions without purchasing them outright.

Industry-leading solutions you can afford

One big advantage of CPaaS is that it significantly reduces the cost of entry to EV charging. Because we retain physical ownership of the charging stations, you only pay a monthly subscription price for the features you need today. Our 3- and 5-year plans give you the option of adding services as demand for EV charging grows. Installation, professional guidance and configuration are included in the price, so you can hit the ground running and the stations are always proactively monitored. We’ll even help get you started with site planning.

Predictability you can rely on

With CPaaS, you get all of the benefits of SaaS as well as the highest quality, most dependable hardware in the industry. Instead of investing capital expenses for charging infrastructure, you can use your annual operating expenses instead. One of our first CPaaS customers, Robinson Park President Eric Starns puts it this way, “We were interested in installing EV charging at our properties but weren’t interested in getting into the EV charging business, so having ChargePoint manage our charging services is a benefit for us. ChargePoint ensures our charging portfolio is performing its best and takes one more thing off our plate and allows us to budget the cost annually so we know there will never be surprises.” Because you don’t have to invest a lot of money up front, you can focus on other areas of your business instead.

With CPaaS, you get exactly the e-mobility solutions that fit your business needs today, with room to grow in the future. Plus, you’ll save time and money with minimal overhead and predictable operational expenses. The “as a Service” model is a proven winner and we believe it’s a game changer for EV charging.

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