At DAKOSY, e-mobility is considered as an employer’s responsibility

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Company Name, City DAKOSY, Hamburg
Company Size 200 employees
Industry Software and IT services for the logistical industry
Charging Solution ChargePoint cable attached, AC charging stations with access control and cloud-based centralised station management

Despite almost 40 years of company history, DAKOSY is a future-oriented company. With 200 employees, the Hamburg-based IT service provider is well known in the transport industry. DAKOSY supplies the Port of Hamburg — the third largest European seaport — with various software products and processes nearly 10 billion data records per year to keep the port working efficiently. That means all logistical, customs and tax processes can be mapped for shipping companies, handling companies, seaports or forwarding agents.

Due to DAKOSY's technical specialisation, continuous innovation is in the company’s DNA, with electric mobility (e-mobility) playing an important role. Increasingly, the DAKOSY team is collaboratively working to contribute to climate protection. "Many of our software solutions directly ensure that truck or ship traffic is optimised and we would also like to see the proportion of emission-free vehicles in our own fleet increase," says DAKOSY’s Commercial Director, Markus Giesenkirchen.


Climate protection as employer responsibility

DAKOSY considers climate protection an employer’s responsibility, which includes e-mobility. Increasingly, employees — especially younger ones — inquire about the sustainability of the company. Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) is a visible statement of intent. DAKOSY would like to offer everyone in the company the ability to charge EVs on site. The charging stations are intended to provide an incentive, as well as to encourage other colleagues to become acquainted with, and eventually get involved with, e-mobility.

At first, the goal was to get to know and understand the different EV charging offers on the market and to find out which solution would best suit DAKOSY, says Giesenkirchen. After researching and identifying suitable partners, the next step was to evaluate the various functions and features of different charging solutions.

"The charging infrastructure was meant to serve many different users, so the most important thing to us was a reasonable reporting system, [station access] authorisations, simple billing methods, good service and possible remote maintenance," says Giesenkirchen.

Coordination with the various parties involved in setting up charging stations and legal requirements, such as the Eichrecht conformity (a requirement for EV charging stations to conform with the calibration law in Germany) needed to be considered as well.

Service was also important to DAKOSY. For example, a user-friendly charging station with attached cables helps increase the new technology’s acceptance among employees. Robust hardware, which was both damage resistant and weatherproof was also crucial. Another important feature for a digital company like DAKOSY was interactivity, including the ability to operate the charging stations via an app and easy-to-manage software.


Functionality, appealing design and a high degree of specialisation

All these aspects ultimately led DAKOSY to ChargePoint. "In the end, it was a very clear and, from today's point of view, also the right decision for us to choose ChargePoint," Giesenkirchen recalls.

The functions of the ChargePoint EV charging solution enable DAKOSY to offer intuitively operable charging infrastructure to all its stakeholders. At DAKOSY, employees come first. Some drive company cars, while others can use the parking spaces provided on-site. Due to its entrepreneurial future orientation, DAKOSY would like to switch to electric company cars as soon as possible, says Giesenkirchen. In the next three years, up to 75% of the entire company fleet is to be electrified. That is why charging stations have already been installed at various locations at the company's headquarters, not only for this driver group, but also for customers and suppliers.

"The reaction of the colleagues was a kind of curiosity,” says Giesenkirchen. “You can see everyone is positively disposed towards the project and that it is appreciated that something is being done by the company. Especially among company car owners, e-mobility is a big topic which increasingly gains approval.”

For DAKOSY, choosing ChargePoint was a decision of principle: sensible charging stations with an attractive design, good functionality and in cooperation with a partner who is highly specialised and experienced in this field.

"With ChargePoint, we had this impression from day one,” says Giesenkirchen. “It was all very professional. The transfer of know-how and, above all, the support right up to the first actual charging session strongly appealed to us. You can tell that ChargePoint is a global company, with integrated solutions from a single source."

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