Why the ChargePoint 6000 Series is the right choice for your business

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Car charging on CP6000

The ChargePoint® 6000 Series (CP6000) makes you part of the future of electric mobility, now. Our integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging solution offers convenient, reliable AC charging for your employees, customers, visitors, residents or fleets.  With flexible software controls, advanced station design and power management capabilities, you can easily scale your charging capacity while controlling costs.

What are the main benefits of the CP6000? Let’s have a look below:

Get complete visibility and control.

The CP6000 empowers you to make the most of your charging operations. Intuitive network software and a connected station work together to give you complete visibility and control to achieve your charging goals and reduce total cost of ownership. Planning and reporting are more precise with our broad suite of insightful analytics, advanced pricing, access controls and features such as Waitlist that let you tailor charging for your stakeholders.

Reduce costs and optimise energy use.

With dual-port functionality, the CP6000 allows you to lower the total cost of ownership. Power Management features further help you minimise electrical infrastructure costs, reduce your site’s electricity bill, serve more drivers and scale charging effectively. Maximising the value of your existing electrical capacity is easy by setting power limits at the site, building, panel, or circuit level and allowing algorithms to dynamically distribute power in real-time while ensuring drivers get a full charge.

CP6000 stations in the ChargePoint app

Manage with ease.

The CP6000 gives you the intuitive controls and reporting analytics necessary to fully manage your charging operations. Advanced price settings allow you to not only recover costs but also encourage desired charging behaviour, all while ChargePoint manages billing and remittance in the background. Station grouping and driver access controls let you determine exactly who can use your stations, when and at what price. Detailed station mapping and analytics empower you with complete visibility into how your stations are being used, supporting internal planning, operations and corporate social responsibility reporting.

Increase station utilisation.

With a focus on drivers, the CP6000 station is thoughtfully designed to make charging easy, convenient and reliable. Dynamic pricing, access controls, multiple languages and Waitlist make your stations easily shared among drivers, encouraging efficient driver usage and enabling you to serve more drivers with fewer stations. ChargePoint is integrated with the leading e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSP) across Europe, ensuring that drivers in your region can see and access your stations. The CP6000 supports multiple authentication methods (NFC, RFID, remote and more) to make it easy for authorised drivers to start charging.

Curious to see how CP6000 series can benefit your business or organisation?

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