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Dynamic Load Management

Effectively manage the electrical supply to all of the charging stations across your operation, while preventing grid overloading and costly electrical panel upgrades.

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Optimise power distribution

  • Efficiently manage distribution across charging stations throughout the site.
  • Safely operate more stations than the electrical circuit would normally support.
  • Dynamically changes the load in real time in response to the charging demand.
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Control energy costs

  • Remove the need for costly electrical panel upgrades.
  • Reduce energy consumption during peak times.
  • Ensure that existing circuit capacity can charge multiple vehicles.
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Eliminate the risk of overloading

  • Reduce the required load during times of high usage.
  • Monitor real-time use to manage capacity.
  • Ensure that set power limits are not exceeded.

Solution architecture

  • Manage and monitor the electricity load across your site with the combined solution featuring an energy gateway, a smart electricity meter and a router with ChargePoint Cloud Software.
  • Once installed and configured, the solution monitors the electrical load and dynamically adjusts it in real time in response to the changing demand.
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Intelligent energy management for EV charging deployments

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