What are ChargePoint Connections and how do I connect to a station?

Last updated: 26/10/2023

Some stations require you to establish a connection to use them or offer special deals (like free or cheap charging) to drivers who connect to them. This might happen at workplaces, apartments, blocks of flats or other places where access to charging is limited to certain groups.

Here’s how to connect to a specific station or group of stations at a location:

  1. Open the ChargePoint app, or access connections while logged in to your account through the driver portal.
  2. To request to connect to the place where you want to charge from the app, open the main menu, then click Account. Click Connections. Then, tap the Browse Connections button.
  3. To request to connect to the place where you want to charge from the driver portal, click Connections from the top nav.
  4. Search for an organisation by name or enter a Connections code if you have one. Enter any additional detail required by the organisation (such as your number plater) and click Submit Request.

    Tip: Ask your HR department, property management company or HOA for the ChargePoint Mobile App code if you don’t have it for your workplace, apartment or block of flats.
  5. Wait for an email notification that your request was approved.
  6. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to start a charge at the relevant location or get special energy rates or offers.

You can view your active connections in the app in the same place you set them up. To get more information about your approved connections in the driver portal, click My Connections, under Connections.

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