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Employ the scalable, software-as-a-service offering be.ENERGISED to launch or expand your EV charging business.

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Offer EV charging to your customers and manage your services with one easy-to-use software solution. Whether you are a charge point operator (CPO), EV charging solution partner or emobility service provider (eMSP), scale your solution as your business evolves with flexible, customised services.

CPO - Charge point operator

Charge point operators

Managing a network of EV charging stations? Handle operations, monitoring and maintenance for your entire network using be.ENERGISED.

As your charging infrastructure expands and your business requirements evolve, the scalable be.ENERGISED software grows with you.

Solution partners

Solution partners

Ready to broaden your business to offer a full-service EV charging solution to your customers?

Combine be.ENERGISED white-label software with charging hardware and services to offer a seamless branded experience. Integrate customer loyalty programmes, unique apps and other tailored services for a comprehensive solution.

MSP - Mobility service provider

Emobility service providers

Want to provide your customers with unlimited access to EV charging stations throughout Europe? Use be.ENERGISED to set up your own branded, app-based charging service.

Help customers find and plug into thousands of charging spots, with be.ENERGISED as your back-end software helping you manage your service, issue invoices and process customer payments.

6 business benefits of be.ENERGISED

White-label approach

Your customers don’t see us at all. Because we remain in the background, operating in your branding on a white-label basis, the transactions belong to you. You can then establish a long-term market position that works for your brand.


Get up and running quickly and adapt to changing market conditions with a flexible software solution. be.ENERGISED allows you to expand your service offerings as your business evolves.

Hardware neutrality

be.ENERGISED was designed to be hardware-agnostic, meaning it will integrate with any brand of EV charging hardware on the European market today and tomorrow.

Customer data ownership

All data within be.ENERGISED belongs to you. That means you have total control over your customer relationships. We just make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Individual tariff management and billing

Your business model has to work—that’s critical. Automated billing processes can reduce your internal resource requirements on a long-term basis. Let our single solution handle details such as sales tax, tariffs, various currencies and multiple languages.

Roaming and interoperability

Rest easy knowing that be.ENERGISED offers complete interoperability with a wide range of roaming and administrative systems. You’ll have direct access to the largest roaming networks and be able to easily interface with financial systems to support automated billing, invoicing and payment processing.

Modular cloud platform for EV charging

Comprehensive functionality

Cloud-based software enables all the functions you need to run a successful EV charging business:

  • Hardware-neutral connectivity
  • Roaming
  • Access management
  • Billing and pricing models
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