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Offer turnkey EV charging solutions to fleet customers

Enable fleet operators to easily manage EV charging for fleets at work, at home or on the road.

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Grow your business with a ready-to-go EV fleet charging solution

The electric vehicle (EV) market is growing fast. According to the European Alternative Fuels Observatory, as of September 2022, more than 3 million EVs were registered in the EU. As EV technology has advanced and incentive opportunities have increased, the time is right for fleet operators to make the transition to electric with a lower total cost of ownership. Take advantage of this EV momentum to partner with fleet operators, offering reliable EV charging solutions as they migrate their fleets to electric.

Employ be.ENERGISED EV charging software for any fleet

Provide flexible, reliable charging solutions. Enable fleet operators to charge vehicles at work, at home or on the road. Give your customers confidence with 24/7 technical support for maximum station uptime across Europe.

Make payment processing easy. be.ENERGISED provides automated billing and payment processing as well as single invoicing for all EV charging sessions, whether drivers are at work, at home or on the road. Intuitive dashboards and data export functionality ensure complete transparency.

Streamline fleet operations. Easily manage your customers’ EV charging infrastructure as well as driver details, including registrations, billing, price plans, user invoicing, station owner crediting, sales tax and more.

Advanced EV charging software for electric fleet operations

Enhance your business with be.ENERGISED hardware-agnostic EV charging software. Provide customers with a reliable and scalable solution for charging fleet vehicles wherever drivers need to go.

At work

Easily manage charging for company fleets, private employee cars and visitors:

  • Automated logging of all charging records, with one-click access
  • Access control for different user groups
  • Set different cost and reimbursement rates for various user groups
  • Direct cost centre allocation
  • Full price and cost transparency

At home

Support charging of employee-owned or company cars:

  • Automated calculation of energy costs based on individual energy rates
  • Automated company invoicing
  • Automated employee credit notes
  • Transparent and legally compliant processes

On the road

Provide charging for company fleets and employee-owned vehicles wherever they need to go:

  • Access to hundreds of thousands of places to charge
  • Best prices for you and your customers
  • Contract negotiation with third-party charge point operators
  • Absorption of interface cost and ongoing development

be.ENERGISED solution partners

Regardless of the industry you are in, our experts can help with everything you need to succeed as an EV charging solution provider. Combine be.ENERGISED white-label software with charging hardware and services to offer a seamless branded experience. Integrate customer loyalty programmes, unique apps and other tailored services for a comprehensive solution. With multi-client capabilities, you can cluster and manage different charging subnetworks efficiently.

Take your fleet services to the next level

Talk with an EV charging expert who can help evaluate your business goals and match you with the right solution.

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