ChargePoint Eco

Smarter Fleet Management

Command Your Fleet, Control Your Energy Management

ChargePoint's fleet management solution, ChargePoint Eco, ensures that EV fleets are always ready to go and gives fleet managers the confidence their fleet will be ready when needed. Using ChargePoint Eco, fleet managers can see the state of charge of their fleet and choose their energy source, all in one place. ChargePoint draws on more than a decade of experience charging all types of electric vehicles (EVs) to deliver a fleet management solution that works for heavy-duty bus and truck fleets as well as fleets of passenger EVs.

Solution Overview

ChargePoint Eco is the first fully integrated global fleet management solution specifically designed for the unique needs of an electric fleet, delivering:

  • A critical piece of the fleet ecosystem that brings together data from multiple systems to provide deep insight and control.
  • Access to complete and comprehensive fleet data to simplify forecasting activities and provide the framework for predictive capabilities.
  • A global solution to help fleets increase the level of control over the energy they consume and make smarter use of the power they manage.

Impact Beyond Your Fleet

Running an electric fleet means you are part of a larger electric mobility ecosystem. Only ChargePoint Eco's technology gives fleet managers the tools to get the most out of every part of this ecosystem.

Fleet Operator

  • Total confidence in the availability of fleet
  • Have an integrated picture to fleet status

Depot Controller

  • Reduce grid dependency by integrating solar and energy storage
  • Easily demonstrate compliance with green programs

Energy Provider

  • React to changes in energy pricing
  • Sell excess energy back to to grid

Comprehensive Fleet Optimization

Fleet management at ChargePoint is more than just setting up a charging schedule. Optimization of energy use is key, and the ChargePoint fleet management solution enables optimization of where power comes from and how it's used. Optimized power management delivers the ability to:

  • Better assess fleet efficiency through integration with fleet software, such as driver scheduling and warehouse management systems.
  • Reduce costs by optimizing power management.
  • Control where energy comes from by integrating solar and storage systems.

ChargePoint Eco creates a complete picture of an electric fleet and its energy use. See all important information in one place, set rules to manage power intelligently and forecast how much energy is needed for the next day, week or month. Our solution makes it possible to take advantage of data from across the charging ecosystem, optimizing everything from routes to vehicle charging and power schedules to energy management.

Smarter Fleet Management Diagram

Advanced EV Fleet Management

See what ChargePoint Eco offers compared to other charging networks.

Feature Standard Charging Network ChargePoint Network
Station Management
Driver Management
Station Integration (OCPP)
Smart Energy Management
Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Integration
Predictive Scheduling
Integrated Telematics
Ecosystem Optimization
Bi-directional System Integration