Join the Charge

Obsessed with EVs? So are we. That's why we spend our days making electric mobility an easy choice by making EV charging easier, for more people. (Including us—we plug in at work.)

Moving all people and goods on electricity is hard, but we rise to the challenge because we care about clearing the air and helping the earth by developing remarkable new tech. We’ve done a lot already, like building the largest and most open EV charging network, but there's still more to do. Whether your expertise is hardware, cloud services, mobile, marketing, sales, operations or something else, we invite you to shape the future of mobility with us.

Wonder what it’s like to build the fueling network of the future? Check out our Engineering Blog.

Life at ChargePoint

Life at ChargePointLife at ChargePoint

Electrifying Perks

CP Perk

Bring Your Best Friend
Every day is bring-your-dog-to-work day here, which means there's always a friendly tail wagging nearby. (Meet some of the many dogs of ChargePoint.)

CP Perks

Drive Green, Eat Green
It takes a lot of energy to fuel a revolution in mobility. Our kitchens are stocked with fresh fruit, drinks and healthy snacks—including gluten-free, vegan and non-dairy options.

CP Perks

Take the Time You Need
You can do more when you take care of yourself. Unlimited time off means eligible employees can take the time they need to be more productive at work.

CP Perks

Rest Easy Knowing You're Covered
We offer full medical, dental and vision coverage for employees and their families.

CP Perks

Charge Up at Work
We believe in what we do, so we use our own EV charging solutions at work. If you don't already drive electric, you'll probably make the switch soon.

CP Perks

Get (and Stay) Fit
Staying fit helps us work better. We have a fitness center at headquarters, which is near the Los Gatos Creek Trail, perfect for walking meetings, biking to work or taking a jog.


Un employeur offrant une égalité professionnelle. Tous les candidats qualifiés seront évalués sans distinction de race, de couleur, de religion, de sexe, d’orientation sexuelle, d’identité de genre, d’origine nationale ou de statut d’ancien combattant protégé et ne feront l’objet d’aucune discrimination en raison d’un handicap.