Finding Charging Stations with the ChargePoint App

The ChargePoint app allows electric vehicle (EV) drivers to find charging stations wherever they go. We provide station information, directions and other helpful information about ChargePoint solutions, as well as stations from all other major charging networks to help you find a spot to charge. To find a place to charge, follow the steps below.


Get the ChargePoint app, available for iPhone and Android, and sign up or log in.


Use your current location or search in a different area to browse stations. If you see a number in a circle, that’s the total number of charging spots at the location. Click to see individual stations.

Stations are represented by colored pins. Green means available, blue means in use and gray means status is not available.

Click on any station pin and access station details by clicking the info bar at the bottom of the screen. You can see info like how much it costs to charge, photos of where the stations are and tips from other drivers.


Once you’ve picked a charging spot, click the orange car at the bottom of the screen to get directions through your preferred map.


If it's a ChargePoint station, just follow these steps to start charging once you get there.

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