How to Add a Station Photo in the ChargePoint App

Sometimes charging stations can be hard to find, especially when they’re located in big parking lots or garages. Electric vehicle (EV) drivers can add station photos in the ChargePoint app to help other drivers find stations (or just to show off their EVs!). This keeps everyone driving and charging happier.


Get the ChargePoint app, available for iPhone and Android, and sign up or log in.


Find the station where you want to add a photo.


Click the info bar at the bottom of your screen to open the station details page and tap the “Add Photo” icon at the top.

If there are already photos of the station, scroll to the end to find the “Add Photo” icon, or tap the photo and click the camera icon to add your own.

Select “Take Photo” and let ChargePoint access your camera. Snap your picture (use landscape, or horizontal, orientation) and press “Use Photo.”

To make sure station photos are accurate, we have you take the photo in real time and not upload previous photos. You can retake photos if you need to.

Choose to add your photo to a specific station or all stations at a location. You can also add a caption if you want.


Hit “Save” to upload your picture so other drivers can see it! Your photo should show up soon.

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