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How to work with us

At ChargePoint, we're more than just an innovator in electric vehicle (EV) charging. We help organisations harness the potential of the EV revolution. Businesses can work with us in any number of customisable ways. Looking for a partner to help put your brand on the map for EV drivers across North America or Europe? We’ve got you covered. Maybe you’re a fleet manager who wants to charge into the new era of e-mobility from the depot to the last mile? ChargePoint has the solutions you need to fuel your success. EV charging is fast becoming the new must-have amenity for multifamily communities, and we’re there too. In fact, there’s not an industry or sector that won’t benefit from catering to a captive audience of millions of new EV drivers – and we make it easy to do!

Partnering with us opens up a world of opportunities for your business. Guidehouse Insights recently recognised ChargePoint as the leading EV networking vendor – by a long shot. We've been pioneering electric mobility for more than 16 years, and offer a versatile array of AC and DC fast EV charging solutions to support every segment across all the geographies we serve. Drivers trust ChargePoint; they know we go the extra mile for them and, because we do, they can too (and the mile after that and the mile after that…). But what’s the real advantage for your business? You gain the flexibility to manage EV charging your way.

Full stack solutions

1. Full-stack solutions

If you prefer a hands-off approach, you can choose a complete solution that includes state-of-the-art hardware, intuitive software and comprehensive services and support. We’re with you every step of the way, from site selection and planning to energy management and proactive monitoring. In North America, we’re the driving force behind Mercedes-Benz’s plan to establish 400 charging hubs across the U.S., a true testament to our commitment to reliability and scalability. Another top automaker, Volvo, selected us to give EV drivers a place to charge at select Starbucks locations from Denver to Seattle, underscoring our goal to continue to incorporate EV charging into everyday life. You might say it’s as easy as enjoying your favourite cup of coffee.

Powered by ChargePoint software

2. Powered by ChargePoint

You aren't restricted to ChargePoint hardware though. Our unified software platform lets you seamlessly integrate with your stations of choice, enabling you to craft a charging ecosystem that aligns with your vision. By choosing ChargePoint, your business is following in the footsteps of leading companies that are already realising the potential of the “powered by ChargePoint” business model. For example, ALD Automotive, the largest corporate fleet provider in Europe, depends on our network to connect its drivers to nearly half a million charging ports across the continent and growing. You really can have it your way.

EV charging site host program

3. Site host programme

Finally, certain qualified retail, fuelling and convenience, quick serve and hospitality properties can participate in the biggest transformation in mobility since the invention of the Model T without an upfront investment. How? By becoming an EV charging site host, brands can take advantage of all the benefits of offering charging – including personalised branding and plug-and-play integrations with their own apps and existing loyalty and business programmes.

Partner with ChargePoint, and you join the ranks of more than 75% of Fortune 50 companies that already trust us to deliver unparalleled EV charging solutions for their businesses. We know the key to a successful transition to electrification is ease. It’s why we were among the first companies to partner with other charging networks to provide seamless roaming integration with more than 750,000 ports worldwide. And it’s why we make it easy for you to do business with us. Like the industry we helped create, we’re just getting started. At ChargePoint, we’re not just charging electric vehicles; we’re driving an e-mobility movement. Are you ready to begin your own electrification journey?

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