What are the different charging types and speeds available?

Last updated: 26/10/2023

A fast charging station delivers alternating current electric power to your car, which the car then converts to DC or battery, power using an onboard converter. With AC fast charging, you simply plug the cord that came with your EV into a standard household receptacle. An hour of AC fast charging will add about four miles of range to your vehicle’s battery.

AC fast charging requires a 240-volt outlet and J1772, Type 1 or Type 2, plug (compatible with most EVs). AC fast chargers can add 25 to 50 miles of range per hour depending on station amperage and vehicle capabilities.

With rapid charging or Level 3 charging, the station itself converts AC power to direct current power before delivering it directly to your vehicle’s battery. DC fast chargers can charge vehicles quickly, adding 100+ miles of range in 30 minutes. DC fast charger plugs are SAE Combo (CCS1 in the US and CCS2 in Europe), CHAdeMO and Tesla (as well as GB/T in China). Check the station details and your EV owner’s manual to ensure the station is compatible with your EV. Not every EV is capable of rapid charging. If you think you’ll need a fast charge from time to time, make sure to ask about this option when buying your EV.

Tip: You can filter by connector type in the ChargePoint app to find stations that work for your EV.

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