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Increase revenue with commercial EV chargers

Boost your bottom line by attracting and retaining customers, employees and residents.

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Explore how AC and DC fast charging stations connected to industry-leading cloud-based software can increase your property value and ROI. Discover why leading companies in your industry have partnered with ChargePoint to deploy successful EV charging programs.

Level 2 AC charging stations

Often called AC charging stations, Level 2 stations provide a convenient way to add up to 40 miles of range per hour to electric vehicles. Every day, millions of EV drivers count on AC charging to fuel up where they spend most of their time — at home, at work and around town.


CP6000 Commercial

CP6000 dual port

CP6000 Commercial

CP6000 single port

CP6000 Commercial

CP6000 8" wall mount

CP6000 Commercial


Max power
50 amps or 80 amps

  • Future-ready commercial charging station
  • Designed for maximum charging speeds
  • Built for enhanced usability and ease of servicing

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CT4000 - CT4011

CT4011 single pedestal

CT4000 - CT4021

CT4021 dual pedestal

CT4000 - CT4025

CT4025 dual pedestal

Max power
30 amps

  • Industry-standard commercial charging
  • Proven performance and reliability
  • Ideal for retail, residential or workplace programs

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CPF50 single pedestal

Single pedestal

CPF50 Dual pedestal with CMK

Dual pedestal with CMK

CPF50 Single wall Mount

Single wall Mount

Max power
50 amps

  • Effortless charging for assigned parking spots
  • Perfect commercial charging solution for specific drivers or private groups, including dealership service bays and valet parking

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How AC charging benefits your business

Maximize the business benefits of EV charging with ChargePoint AC solutions. Implement stations with efficient footprints, lower upfront costs and reduced operating expenses — available in turnkey packages.

Retail EV Charging Retail

Boost revenue by attracting electric vehicle drivers and optimizing shoppers’ dwell time.

Workplace EV Charging Workplaces

Increase employee satisfaction and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to reach sustainability goals.

Multifamily icon Multifamily properties

Attract residents and increase property values with AC charging for assigned and shared parking spots.

DC fast charging stations

DC fast charging, sometimes called Level 3, offers drivers an efficient way to fuel electric vehicles and get back on the road as quickly as possible. With high power outputs that allow drivers to charge an EV up to 80% in as little as 20 minutes, DC fast charging is a great choice for long trips, highway travel and topping off when in a hurry.

Express Plus

ChargePoint Express Plus

Dual-cable Power Link

ChargePoint Express Plus

Single-cable Power Link

Max power
500 kW

  • Distributed system
  • Allows for scalability to meet the needs of drivers today and tomorrow
  • Delivers up to 500kW to get drivers fueled up and back on the road in under 20 minutes

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Express 250


Express 250


Max power
125 kW

  • Standalone system
  • Flexible and easy to use, manage and deploy
  • Delivers up to 125kW, a versatile speed for businesses wanting to offer DC fast charging

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How DC fast charging benefits your business

ChargePoint DC fast charging solutions alleviate upfront and long-term costs with high-quality, dependable engineering and end-to-end support. Delight EV drivers with reliable, premium charging experiences.

icon fueling and convenience
Gas stations

Attract millions of customers and boost sales in convenience stores while drivers charge their EVs.

Retail EV Charging Retailers and restaurants

Increase sales and loyalty by attracting and retaining EV customers.

Icon auto dealership
Auto dealerships

Unlock new revenue sources with DC fast charging, a value-added service that is easy to operate and maintain.

The ChargePoint difference

  • Reliable hardware
    Count on products that maximize uptime with proactive monitoring, low maintenance costs and easy serviceability. ChargePoint extensively tests all our stations for durability and performance in the most demanding conditions.

  • Flexible ownership models
    Design a charging program to suit your organization’s needs. Purchase stations with available financing, subscribe to ChargePoint as a Service, or become a site host and partner with the leading EV charging network for businesses, fleets and drivers.

  • Integrated solutions
    When everything works together, EV charging is better for everyone. The ChargePoint integrated portfolio of hardware, software, services and support delivers the smoothest possible experience for all businesses and drivers.

  • Industry-leading software
    Stay in control of your charging programs with the industry's most complete electric vehicle charging software. Set pricing, control access, monitor stations and integrate with third-party systems with simplicity and agility.

  • Services and support
    Protect your investment and minimize downtime at any scale. Leverage best-in-class services, including dedicated implementation, E28-certified site setup, API onboarding, and comprehensive 24/7 monitoring, maintenance and support.

  • Top-rated driver app
    Attract more EV drivers with the top-rated ChargePoint app, offering seamless charging experiences enabled by fully networked stations. Make it easy for drivers to find and use stations and pay for charging through their phones or in-dash systems.

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