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Bozzuto Management Company is consistently an industry leader in multi-family living and sustainability. As part of its environmental commitment, Bozzuto partnered with ChargePoint to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging at many of its ENERGY STAR® certified properties. Networked EV charging solutions from ChargePoint help Bozzuto reduce its environmental impact, achieve green building certifications, and attract and retain forward-thinking residents.

Finding the Perfect EV Charging Partner

Bozzuto acquires, develops and manages multi-family properties in Chicago, Atlanta and the Eastern United States. Initially, the the rapidly-rising demand of EV charging from residents across its 70,000 apartments and condos was a challenge for the company. “We have seen a steadily increasing demand for electric vehicle charging from residents,” says the company’s Director of Sustainability, Peter Zadoretzky. To meet that demand, Bozzuto needed a charging solution that not only adhered to its own ENERGY STAR requirements, but also a partner that shared its values. The charging solution also had to be easy to use, adaptable for different property needs and cost effective. In the end, there was one clear choice: ChargePoint.

Addressing Property Owners' Concerns by Meeting Residents’ Demands

As the first-ever multi-family management company to receive an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award—an honor they’ve now achieved two years in a row—Bozzuto is proud of its sustainability efforts. However, it’s not always easy to get everyone on board with that concept, says Zadoretzky. “With around 90% of our managed properties owned by third parties, it can sometimes be challenging to inspire others to share our commitment,” he says. To help counter pushback from some property owners, Bozzuto decided one way to address their concerns was to help meet their residents’ demands. “We have seen an extraordinary amount of interest in electric vehicle charging from residents,” he says. Today, the company can point to EV charging to tell its story. “We pursued it and now it’s kind of a cornerstone of our sustainability program and identity.”

ChargePoint Delivers Efficient, Cost Effective and Future-Proof Charging for Residents

ChargePoint smart EV charging solutions were the first products of their kind to earn the esteemed ENERGY STAR certification and provided Bozzuto a comprehensive, efficient and future proof EV charging solution that could be easily adapted to accommodate residents-only charging. ChargePoint solutions are also more adaptable than competing products, allowing Bozzuto to address a variety of additional use cases including public charging and assigned parking. Since EV-driving residents are already familiar with the brand, sales managers can simply point out that the solutions are available. Because ChargePoint’s automatic reporting features deliver timely and accurate data on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction, Bozzuto has been able to continue to expand its own sustainability program and to ensure that its third-party clients meet—or exceed—theirs.

With ChargePoint, our residents can use the app and get 24/7 support for EV drivers. There is transparent data and ease of use. It’s very different from other infrastructure we use.

Peter Zadoretzky

Director of Sustainability

Bozzuto Management Company

Bozzuto Needed

  • Complement sustainability programs and meet resident demand for EV charging
  • Progress toward ENERGY STAR® certification for properties with certified hardware 
  • Meet demand at different properties with future-proof, flexible solutions 
  • Automate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting for its growing client list 
  • Deliver an excellent charging experience to residents

ChargePoint Delivered

  • Charging stations: ENERGY STAR certified CT4000 and CPF25 stations for shared or assigned parking
  • Cloud services: ChargePoint® dashboard includes automated greenhouse gas emission reporting
  • ENERGY STAR certified hardware (84 charging spots) for apartments and condos
  • A proven solution adaptable for public, resident, shared and assigned parking use
  • Automated sustainability reporting showing station usage and GHG emissions avoided
  • User-friendly stations that meet resident demands

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