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Greenspot encourages more people to drive electric vehicles (EVs) by installing convenient charging spots for shared or personal EVs in urban locations. It’s easy for drivers to find Greenspot-owned ChargePoint stations and start charging with the ChargePoint mobile app.

Transportation is Changing

The way we interact with vehicles is changing. Car sharing membership grew more than 40% in 2016 and nearly 70% more EVs were sold in January 2017 than in January 2016. Greenspot aims to accelerate the shift from privately owned gas cars to shared EVs by installing convenient places to charge an EV in urban areas.

“We see the future in mobility,” says Greenspot’s Michael Mazur, adding that EV car sharing “is sustainable, economical and a great solution for congestion, pollution and lack of parking. We see the integration of car sharing and electric car sharing as crucial.”

Greenspot Seeks to Simplify Electric Car Sharing

To ease the transition from gas to electric car sharing, Greenspot knew that EV charging had to be simple and reliable for drivers. The company sought to create a premium charging experience with attractive yet durable stations that were conveniently located, simple to use and easy to find with a mobile app. Greenspot also wanted to scale its charging program to meet driver demand, so the company needed a way to remotely monitor and manage its stations.

ChargePoint Advances Urban Charging

Well-designed stations, a popular mobile app and a simple station management dashboard led Greenspot to choose ChargePoint. Greenspot charging stations show up in front of hundreds of thousands of EV drivers in ChargePoint’s mobile app, raising awareness about the locations. The company can also see at a glance when stations are in use and identify usage trends. “We see that ChargePoint is leading the market with their stations,” Mazur comments. “We saw it as a very easy transition if people were going to convert to EVs with ChargePoint because of the app and all the mobile integrations that other companies didn’t have and still don’t have.”

EV Car Sharing Catches On

Thanks to ChargePoint’s networked stations and mobile app, drivers can find stations and recharge shared or personal EVs with ease. The ChargePoint management dashboard displays key data points such as greenhouse gas emission reductions, so Greenspot knows how much its stations are being used. So far, usage is growing about 25% month over month—a promising trend.

“We expect to see a boom in the next year with the new longer-range cars coming out,” Mazur says of EVs such as the Chevy Bolt EV and Tesla Model 3 with more than 200 miles of range. ChargePoint’s data about station usage also informs where Greenspot locates stations: “We’re big on numbers and we’re researching on a daily basis.”

By expanding its infrastructure rapidly, Greenspot helps more people choose to drive electric, supports municipalities switching to EVs and raises visibility for green vehicles in cities. There are already 20 ChargePoint stations serving Greenspot drivers, with many more on the way.

You look for the most reliable, simple and well-known stations because the industry is still budding. Right now, ChargePoint has figured out more than other companies. That’s how we see it and that’s why we decided to go with ChargePoint.

Michael Mazur

Michael Mazur

Business Development


ChargePoint Delivered

  • Well-designed, durable stations with retractable charging cables
  • Popular mobile app and active community of drivers
  • Comprehensive data on station usage to drive program development
  • Usage growth around 25% per month
  • 20 charging locations, with 150 more planned
  • Connected with growing community of EV drivers

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