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IndiGO Apartments Bloomington Minnesota

LMC, a Lennar company and the fifth-largest apartment developer in the country, recently created the largest ChargePoint installation outside of the West Coast at IndiGO at BCS in Bloomington, Minnesota. More than a dozen personal charging spots and two community charging spots serve residents and visitors alike. As transportation evolves, apartment communities like IndiGO are offering modern amenities such as EV charging to stand out and attract residents. LMC is maintaining pace with the competition and preparing for the future by providing charging at IndiGO and making it a development checklist “must” for other properties.

LMC Meets Resident Needs and Plans for the Future

The IndiGO apartment community is centrally located in Bloomington, Minnesota, near light rail, shopping, hotels, restaurants and other attractions, including the Mall of America. The vibrant location creates demand for charging among residents and community members alike, so LMC sought a well-known charging solution that would work for all types of electric vehicle (EV) drivers. Because LMC wants property managers to focus on meeting resident needs and creating a sense of community, not managing infrastructure, the company sought an EV charging solution that would be easy to manage and automatically bill residents for energy used to charge EVs. LMC also wanted a visually appealing EV charging solution that would uphold a premium brand image and be ready to serve the next 10 years of residents at the property.

ChargePoint Automates Billing, Supports Diverse Charging Needs

Initial research identified ChargePoint as the market leader in EV charging, with a complete set of solutions designed specifically for apartments. Working closely with ChargePoint’s dedicated multifamily charging team, LMC was able to identify the appropriate number and type of charging spots required to meet current and future needs of the IndiGO residents and local community members. By using Power Management to install more stations than the rated capacity, LMC was able to avoid expensive electrical upgrades and ensure a smooth installation.

Charging Is Easy and Demand Is Growing

Residents and visitors alike are familiar with ChargePoint, which makes it easy for them to start charging right away. Automated billing simplifies charging for property managers, letting them focus on building community with events like game tournaments and movie nights. LMC is finding that many of its residents are choosing to downsize from large homes for more efficient living, and being able to drive electric and charge at home complements this desire for increased efficiency. With Minnesota rated among the best states for driving electric from a sustainability perspective, EV charging is a win for developers, residents and the environment.

A positive experience working with ChargePoint and increased demand for charging from residents made the IndiGO project a success, so LMC is now installing ChargePoint stations at additional Minnesota properties, including Onyx in Edina and Nordhaus in Minneapolis. As EVs continue to become more popular, EV charging joins must-have modern amenities like fitness centers, dog parks, pools and saunas as a vital way to attract residents. By planning for the future and installing charging upfront, LMC is making sure that its buildings have everything they need to be appealing to residents for years to come.

Our residents want more compact, efficient living with shorter commute times. If they want to have a very clean form of transportation, we want to be able to offer that as well.

Travis Nordgaard

Travis Nordgaard

Development Associate


ChargePoint Delivered

  • Market-leader delivered industry knowledge, multi-family solutions, an expert team and future-proof features like Waitlist and Power Management
  • Dedicated charging spots mean residents can count on getting a charge, while familiarity with ChargePoint simplifies charging for community members
  • Automated billing and online dashboard simplify charging management
  • Reliable, quality stations deliver a modern brand feel at a Class A property

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