What can I do if all charging spots are busy?

Last updated: 1/6/2023

If all the charging spots are busy, don’t worry — you have options. Click the Notify When Available button on the station screen in the app, and we’ll let you know when the EV in the selected spot is done charging. When you get the alert, you can head out to move your car and charge or decide that you don’t need to charge right now after all — it’s up to you.

To help more drivers like you charge their vehicles, some station owners have enabled the Waitlist feature, which lets you get in a virtual line to charge. To activate this feature, turn on notifications (in the app, go to the main menu and select Account, then choose Notifications) so we can send updates about your place in line.

Here's how to get in line:

  • When all stations are in use, click Join Waitlist from the map view in the ChargePoint app (see below) or tap your phone or card at a specific station to add it to your Waitlist. You’ll remain in line until you either begin charging or leave the waitlist.
    • Tip: If Join Waitlist doesn’t show up in the app, that means stations are available or the Waitlist feature is not turned on.
  • When a spot opens up, we’ll let you know with a text or app notification, based on your preferences.
  • Accept the spot, and we’ll hold it for you for 15 minutes. (Otherwise, you’ll only have a couple minutes to get to the station and plug in before we offer the spot to another driver.) Don’t accept if you can’t move your car right away.
  • If you're busy, hit Snooze to let the next person have the spot (but keep your place in line).
  • If you don’t need a charge anymore, just select Leave Waitlist.
  • You can also save a Waitlist if you want to join specific stations only.

The station owner decides how long a driver can stay at a station, with the usual goal being to ensure that all drivers get an opportunity to charge. If you’re already charging, you'll be notified when it’s time to move your vehicle so someone else can charge.

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