3 actions you must take now to support your EV drivers

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3 actions you must take now to support your EV drivers

Today, employees care about more than a pay check. I saw it in my previous workplaces, from small start-ups to established enterprise giants like Intuit and Microsoft — and I see it every day at ChargePoint. In fact, the vast majority of Millennials want to work for a socially responsible company. They also believe that enterprise companies are in a position to tackle environmental issues like climate change.

Zero-emission EVs (ZEVs) don’t produce any greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to climate change. That’s why, more and more, companies are offering EV charging to help attract and retain top talent. Here are three steps you must take now:

1. Offer EV charging as an employee benefit


Your current and future employees already want to drive electric. Past research has shown that more people would be more likely purchase an EV if their employer offered charging. Prospective employees are even seeking out charging when considering where to apply. By offering workplace EV charging, you’ll be ahead of the curve and assured you’re attracting and hiring the very best talent. Discover why nearly 1 in 4 of Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” is a ChargePoint customer.

2. Take advantage of incentives


Companies often cite the cost of installing infrastructure as a barrier to offering EV charging to their employees, but there are benefits to companies that go well beyond “just another employee perk.” Businesses that provide EV charging are not only closer to meeting corporate and government sustainability goals and mandates, they’re establishing their brand as a green leader. Today there are a number of government grants and incentives aimed at driving EV growth that help lower the upfront costs. To see what grants are available in your area, visit our incentives page.

3. Make it easy for managers and drivers


With a smart networked charging solution, managers can set a price drivers pay to charge (if applicable) using a range of criteria such as energy usage and time of day or session to avoid expensive utility demand charges during peak hours. A graphical dashboard with a detailed map shows the real-time status of each charging spot, making it easy to manage from your desk or mobile phone. For drivers, a Waitlist feature lets them queue themselves up for a spot from their mobile device when others are charging. ChargePoint is the world’s most open EV charging network, as well as the leading app for locating and using stations. By choosing ChargePoint, you are assured of a future-proof solution that gives you, your employees and your customers unprecedented control of the entire charging experience.

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