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ChargePoint Express

High power in a small footprint, ready for any vehicle

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Industry-leading software for flexibility and ease of use

Configurable cloud-based software that ensures success in every stage of your transition to electric.

Real-time visibility
Get real-time visibility across your operation, including power use, energy costs, driver revenue and station status.

Complete control
Set prices based on energy cost, duration, time of use, session length or driver group. Manage which drivers can use what stations, and when.

Proactive monitoring and actionable reporting
Leverage more than 35 pre-built charts and reports to understand station usage, session fees, energy costs, station health, environmental impact and more.

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Paired Express DC Fast Chargers

Pair up for more power

Express stations can be paired to deliver up to 125 kW to a vehicle, enabling high-power charging with limited infrastructure costs.

  • Save space with the smallest fast charging footprint, whether standalone or paired.
  • Always keep vehicles charged and ready using built-in redundancy.
  • By leveraging the pairing capability of Express, efficiency is maximized by sharing power modules and power allocation.

Built for serviceability

Field-replaceable 31.25 kW power modules are liquid cooled for efficiency and noise reduction.

  • Modular architecture and field-replaceable components simplify servicing and upgrades.
  • Components can be serviced by a certified technician in under 30 minutes.
  • Uptime is supported with several other serviceable components and proactive monitoring through ChargePoint Assure®

EVs Plugged Into Express Charging Stations

Flexible for any location and any business

Flexible configurations, software and standard connectors work in any scenario and for any vehicle type.

  • The small footprint and power conversion done at the station level enables fast charging for many scenarios that may be tight on space.
  • Swing-arm cable management helps reach all types of vehicles, while keeping your parking lot safe and neat.

What industries can benefit from ChargePoint Express?

ChargePoint Express offers charging connectors for all types of vehicles.

DC North America
NACS Connector NACS (Compatible
with Tesla)
DC North America
DC Europe
CHAdeMo Connector CHAdeMO
DC North America & Europe

ChargePoint Assure

Safeguard essential fueling

Protect your business with industry-leading monitoring, maintenance and support. ChargePoint offers world-class service products and support, including the Assure® monitoring and maintenance program, to meet your needs at every stage of the EV charging experience.

  • 98% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Coverage of labor for repairs

Industry-leading scalability, experience and reliability

Prepare for the future of electric mobility with the experts.


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