ChargePoint NACS Connector FAQ

In 2023, several automakers and EV charging companies announced support for the North American Charging Standard (NACS). ChargePoint has tested and verified our ability to support NACS cables on our stations. As new vehicles are released, we will continue to test them to ensure connector compatibility.

What is the NACS connector and who can use it?


The North American Charging Standard or NACS (previously known as “Tesla charging connector”) is an EV charging connector developed by Tesla that has been used on all Tesla vehicles in North America since 2012. It was opened for use to other manufacturers in 2022. It is not yet considered an industry standard, but is currently under review with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) for such purposes.

As of 2023, only Tesla vehicles are able to charge with a NACS connector. Several automakers have announced plans to release vehicles supporting this connector starting in 2025.

What is CCS and who can use it?


The “Combined Charging System” (CCS) is a standardized EV charging protocol that enables AC and DC charging using a single connector. It was developed by the Charging Interface Initiative (CharIN), a global consortium of EV manufacturers and suppliers, and certified by SAE.

The CCS protocol supports charging power levels from 3.7 kW up to 500 kW, depending on the capabilities of the EV and the charging station. This allows for a wide range of charging speeds.

Currently, most non-Tesla EVs in North America use the CCS connector for DC fast charging.

What about CHAdeMO?


CHAdeMO is a DC fast charging standard that has been used by some automakers in Asia. The CHAdeMO connector is available on ChargePoint Express stations.

Can Teslas use ChargePoint stations?


Today, Tesla drivers can access ChargePoint stations using widely available adapters. Tesla drivers can use the CCS Combo 1 adapter from Tesla to connect to a CCS1 connector on ChargePoint DC stations. For AC stations with J1772, Tesla drivers can use the J1772 adapter provided with every Tesla vehicle. Tesla drivers in Europe can use any ChargePoint station there.

Will ChargePoint offer the NACS connector?


ChargePoint is committed to delivering the best charging experience possible to drivers of all EV makes and models. Our products, including cables and connectors, are designed to be modular. By the end of 2023, most of our stations will be available for purchase with optional NACS connectors, and we will offer retrofit kits for existing installations.

As ChargePoint generally does not own or operate the stations where drivers are used to charging, it’s up to the site owners and administrators to decide what connectors to offer. We're constantly working with all our customers, partners and drivers to build the best charging network for all. 

How do I know if a station is available with an NACS or CCS1 connector?


ChargePoint aims to support drivers of every EV. Drivers can count on the ChargePoint app, station displays and in-dash integrations to make sure charging stations are compatible with their vehicles.

What are the differences in max cable amperage between NACS and CCS1?


CCS1 can deliver up to 500 amps and 1000 volts DC, providing a maximum power output of 500 kW. NACS has similar amperage and voltage ratings for DC charging, although the maximum ratings are not specified.

What about Europe?


NACS has not been released in Europe. Tesla vehicles and ChargePoint stations in Europe use the CCS Type 2 charging standard.