Incentives that Kick Gas

The rewards of going electric may be even bigger than you think. New incentives can save you time and money. Check out what's available in your region.


  • The federal iZEV Program provides a point-of-sale incentive for the purchase or lease of eligible electric vehicles. Consumers can get an incentive of up to $5000 for new battery-electric or longer range plug-in hybrid vehicles (at least 15kWh), and up to $2500 for shorter range plug-in vehicles. Eligible vehicles include new vehicles with six seats or fewer that have a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) less than $45,000 (with a cap of $55,000 for higher-trim versions), and new vehicles with seven or more seats that have an MSRP of $55,000 (with a cap of $60,000 for higher-trim versions). Incentives are available starting May 1 2019.

    Incentives are limited to one per individual. Businesses and provincial and municipal governments are limited to 10 incentives, but will be ineligible for the tax write-off. Business not taking advantage of the iZEV program will be eligible for a tax write-off for the purchase of both new and used light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.

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  • The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre has created the Electric Vehicles for Municipalities (EVM) Program to provide funding to municipalities to assist their transition to a fleet of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Funding amount depends on vehicle type.

  • ScrapIt has launched in the province of Alberta and is offering a $300 rebate for the purchase of a new BEV or PHEV when you scrap a vehicle. Combined with the federal incentive, drivers can claim up to $5,300

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British Columbia

  • The BC SCRAP-IT Program is a voluntary early retirement vehicle program that can provide up to $6,000 in incentives to help British Columbians replace higher polluting vehicles with cleaner forms of transportation.  See the website for details and requirements on the 2020 SCRAP-IT program.

  • The British Columbia Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive Program (SUVI Program) offers rebates for electric vehicles, including motorcycles, buses, cube vans, and forklifts. The Program is available to individuals, and to public and private fleets in British Columbia. Only new vehicles are eligible for incentives. Rebates are up to $50,000 depending on the vehicle type.

  • The Clean Energy Vehicle (CEV) Incentive Program provides point of sale incentives of up to $3,000 to qualified BC applicants for the purchase or lease of eligible electric vehicles with a MSRP under $55,000. 

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North West Territories

  • Arctic Energy Alliance (AEA) provides a $5,000 rebate for a new battery electric vehicle (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) to reduce the cost of purchasing and using an electric vehicle (EV) in the Northwest Territories. Pre-approval is required.

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  • The Province of Quebec offers a rebate of up to $4,000 for purchasing a used battery electric vehicle. Rebate is first-come, first-served and issued pending on availability of funds. 

  • The Province of Quebec offers a rebate of up to $8,000 for purchasing a new electric vehicle that costs less than $60,000.

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Yukon Territory

  • The Government of Yukon is offering a rebate on the purchase of a new zero-emission vehicle. $5,000 for a new battery-electric vehicle and $3,000 for a new short-range plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. Vehicles must have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price below $55,000; be registered in Yukon; and be purchased by a Yukon resident.