Do ChargePoint stations offer the NACS connector?

Last updated: 31/10/2023

Yes. ChargePoint is committed to delivering the best charging experience possible to drivers of all EV makes and models. We offer many stations with optional NACS connectors.

As ChargePoint generally does not own or operate the stations where drivers charge, it’s up to each site owner and administrator to decide what connectors to offer. We're constantly working with all our customers, partners and drivers to build the best charging network for all. Drivers can always check the app to find out if a charging station will work with their vehicle.

If you own an EV that uses a NACS connector, we have multiple home charging options for you, in addition to using an adapter. If you already own a ChargePoint Home Flex station, you can order a NACS cable conversion kit to switch to a streamlined NACS cable. Alternatively, you can also buy ChargePoint Home Flex with a NACS cable.

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