How do I find and start a charging session with my rental EV?

Last updated: 29/5/2024

The ChargePoint app allows you to find, charge and pay for charging all from one place, making renting an EV easy to navigate.

  1. Use the ChargePoint app to sign up or log into your account.

    Tip: If you want to filter by stations that work with your rental EV, enter the vehicle information during the sign-up process.
  2. On the Map, find and filter for stations near you.

    Tip: Did you know EVs have different connector types and charge at different speeds? Check your EV’s vehicle connector type to choose the right station for your rental. Not sure which connector or station type is right for your rental? Discover the different EV connectors and charging speeds.
  3. Drive up and plug your EV into the charging cable. Before walking away, check to make sure that your EV is charging.

    Tip: There are multiple ways to start a session: You can use a ChargePoint RFID card, click the Start Charge button in the app in the Station Details, or use your phone or smartwatch to start a session by tapping your digital wallet to the station in North America.
  4. Your ChargePoint app will notify you to unplug when your EV finishes charging. ChargePoint will send you a receipt by email, or you can view your charging history in Activity in the app.

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