What are the different public EV charging connector types?

Last updated: 11/7/2023

North America

The North American standard connector for AC charging is a single-phase Type 1 plug, typically using the SAE J1772 connector.

There are three types of DC plugs available: SAE combo (CSS1), CHAdeMO and Tesla. The North American Charging Standard (NACS), developed by Tesla, combines AC and DC charging in one compact connector.


Since 2018, the standard connector in Europe for AC charging is a Type 2 plug. These three-phase plugs can charge faster because of the three additional wires that allow current to run through them.

The DC standard for an SAE Combo is CCS2, which is an enhanced version of the Type 2 plug.

Tip: Not every EV is capable of DC fast charging. If you think you’ll need a fast charge from time to time, make sure to ask about this option when buying your EV.

You can filter by connector type in the ChargePoint app to find stations that work for your EV.

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