We’ve Got You Covered

ChargePoint offers world-class service products and support to meet your needs at all stages of offering EV charging. From site planning to installation and set up, to ongoing care, when you choose ChargePoint, you’re covered.

ChargePoint® Assure

ChargePoint offers best-in-class hardware and industry leading support, starting with ChargePoint Assure. Assure is the most comprehensive parts and on-site labor warranty. Should a charging station fail due to a manufacturing defect or accident, the ChargePoint Support team will visit your site to repair or replace the station.

Assure is more than just a warranty

Assure also includes comprehensive station management and service features that provide you with:

  • Unlimited software configuration changes
  • 98% annual uptime guarantee
  • 1 business day response time to station failures
  • Monthly reports and detailed quarterly reports of your station’s performance metrics
  • Proactive station monitoring and dispatch
  • Coverage of labor for repairs typically not covered under a warranty such as vandalism, abuse, and accidents

Initial Setup

Accurate site qualification, quality site preparation and professional installation are imperative to the ongoing reliability of your EV charging stations. To ensure your stations are installed with the highest quality standards at the lowest possible cost, ChargePoint has engaged a nationwide network of operations & maintenance partners (O&M partners). Our partners are contractually committed to providing the highest level of service at a competitive benchmarked price and have been trained and certified by ChargePoint. Your stations are automatically covered under Assure when you use our certified O&M partners for site preparation and installation.

Site Qualification Survey

  • Site planning performed by one of our O&M partners ensures a properly designed installation. The planning process starts with a Site Qualification Survey (SQS).
  • As part of an SQS, you will receive a comprehensive, no-obligation installation quote with benchmark pricing to ensure you are offered a competitive price for the highest quality of work.

Station Installation and Validation Services

  • Our O&M partners will ensure that your charging stations are properly installed and validated.
  • If you cannot use a ChargePoint O&M partner to prepare the site, ChargePoint’s Station Installation and Validation Services allow you to use your own contractor to prepare the site. Once the site is prepared, one of our certified installation partners will validate the site preparation and install your station ensuring that it meets ChargePoint’s technical and operational standards. The final validation of the site preparation and station install will qualify the station for Assure during the warranty period.

Initial Activation and Configuration

  • ChargePoint’s solutions are versatile and can be customized to meet your charging goals. With the purchase of Activation and Configuration, one of our specialists will consult directly with you to set up and activate your stations based on your needs.
  • Based on your goals, we’ll set up all your charging policies including pricing, access control, administration rights, advertisements and much more. We’ll also provide the kind of expert advice on best practices that comes from running the largest world’s largest EV charging network.

Ongoing Usage

Getting your stations up and running is only the beginning of what ChargePoint does for you. Our support team takes care of your drivers with 24/7 phone support. Under Assure, we also proactively monitor your stations, provide detailed reporting, and offer dedicated business hour station owner support that provides the assistance and guidance you need to make your EV charging offerings a success.